Put simply, a moustache is the cluster of facial hairs that are left above your lip. However, moustaches are not simple by nature. There are literally hundreds of different ways that you can style a moustache; however, not all of those different moustache styles will look good.

Upon viewing pictures of historical figures, I have realized that moustache styles have changed greatly over the last century! 100 years ago thin and trimmed moustaches were in style, and then about 50 years ago thick and bushy was the way to keep your facial hair. It seems like the moustache styles of the twenty first century vary greatly, and incorporate the best of both worlds.

Whether you are looking for a moustache design to use for the fundraising in Movember or simply looking to style your facial hair for an regular daily shave, you have come to right place. You will find the 4 most popular moustache styles o the twenty first century, along with their descriptions.

The Horseshoe-Not Quite For Good Luck...

Horseshoes have been known to provide individuals with good luck; however, I highly doubt that shaving your moustache in this manner will give you any good luck! This is one of the most popular moustache styles for people that have a full face of hair; however, men with patchy facial hair will not be able to sport this moustache effectively.

In order to truly shave your facial hair to form a horseshoe moustache, you must ensure that it is a thick, upside down “U” shape! Thin horseshoe moustaches simply do not look good! The horseshoe is one of the best moustache styles for individuals that are dressing up as a cowboy for Halloween or a costume party.

The Pencil-Size Really Does Matter (In Moustaches)!

Pencils are meant to be kept in pencil cases, not left on top of a man’s lip. The pencil types of moustache styles involve leaving a very thin line of facial hair immediately above one’s lip. This type of moustache looks much better for individuals with thin facial hair, as it does not allow the lack of thickness in the facial hair to be recognized.

There are a few variations of the pencil moustache styles; however, all of them involve a very thin line of facial hair. A man must have a very steady and careful hand in order to shave a pencil moustache because the slightest shaving error will be noticed.

A shaving tip for the pencil moustache is to use a multi-blade razor to get the rough outline, and to use a single blade to fine tune the thin facial hair line that you desire.

The Cowboy-One Of The Bushiest Moustache Styles Ever Seen!

If there was a specific moustache design that I would avoid at all costs, it would be the cowboy one by far; however, that is just my opinion and insecurity with the thickness of my facial hair. I would only recommend sporting any of the cowboy moustache styles if you have very think facial hair.

The cowboy design basically involves letting your facial hair grow relatively long, and parting it to either side of your lip. A thinner version of this moustache can be referred to as the American Standard design.

Handlebar-Nobody Is Going To Be Holding Onto Your Moustache, So Why Is It Shaped Like A Handlebar?

This moustache design was really popular in the 1960’s; however, it has fallen off of the trend train since then. The handlebar moustache styles basically involve growing your facial hair relatively long, and curling it upwards towards the end of either side of the moustache. There are two tips that I would recommend when trying to grow a handlebar styled moustache.

The first tip involves using a pair of scissors to trim the facial hair thinner towards either end of the moustache. The handlebar design requires that the moustache be thick towards the center of the man’s lip, and thin towards either end of the moustache.

The second tip involves using hair gel or mousse to style the moustache. It is relatively difficult to get facial hair to curl upwards at the end if you do not use any products; however, using a little bit of hair gel or mousse will entirely solve the situation.

When it comes to the top moustache styles of the twenty first century, you may be surprised; most of these moustache styles look pretty weird! However, weird seems to be trending in the twenty first century, and many people are choosing to go against the grain when it comes to fashion and whatnot. I would not recommend sporting any of these moustaches when you are going to a life-changing job interview, but I would definitely recommend choosing one of the above for the month of Movember! Any of these moustaches would be perfect for Movember!