Magical and worldly, MOVA globes inspire awe in everyone who comes across one. The short of it: These globes appear to spin on their own, without the help of batteries or any obvious power source.  A MOVA globe is an attention grabber, and yet amazingly peaceful to behold. It makes them excellent holiday, birthday, or Christmas gifts for the inquisitive set and perfect interactive globes for an office desk or den. Read on to discover how a MOVA globe works, some more tips on where to use them, and the typical prices for one of these beauties.

MOVA Globes: Awe In Acrylic

MOVA globe_antique beige

"How does it work?" is probably the most spoken phrase in the presence of a MOVA globe. They seem to defy all logic. Here sits an inanimate object, sitting in an inanimate stand, and yet it's spinning. The globe mirrors the constant rotation of the Earth itself, but there are no power cords, no battery housings, and no other discernible sources for electricity. How is this possible?

MOVA globes are actually a unique optical illusion. The globe actually sits snugly within a transparent acrylic shell, nestled in a clear liquid that allows for frictionless movement. The interior globe gets its power from the lights in your room. It uses a mixture of solar cells, magnets, and the Earth's own magnetic field to create perpetual movement. Place your MOVA globe in the dark or on a table made of a substance that disrupts magnetic fields (like a table made with iron), and your globe may stop or act erratically. But in the right environment, it's a magical experience to watch this movement. And knowing the process (even this layman's explanation) only adds to the sense of awe these globes create.MOVA globe_Jupiter

MOVA globes come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and globe designs. Some use pure satellite maps making it feel like you have captured the Earth and have it on display. Others appear more like antique globes, with traditional regional borders and country names on display. You can also find MOVA globes that mirror the rich tones of gemstone globes, perfect to use as decorative globes around the home. There's even MOVA globes of other planets and unique non-geographic designs that increase their appeal to many as pieces of home decor.

See MOVA Globes In Action

Where To Use MOVA Globes

MOVA globe_copper blackA MOVA globe is a real attention getter, but it's also extremely relaxing to watch. There's something peaceful about the movement, making it an excellent piece of office decor. Place a MOVA globe on your office desk, and you'll not only get some "oohs and aahs", you'll also have a tension busting tool at your disposal.

It's also, as mentioned, a great choice as a decorative globe around your home. There's a great variety of choices available, so you can definitely find one that fits with your interior style. If you've got a modern design aesthetic, the perpetual movement of the globe adds to it. And, as it's still a globe, they play well with rooms featuring scientific furnishings and geo-decor.

4.5" Blue with Political Map MOVA Globe
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As a gift, a MOVA globe is top-notch. They are really unique and inspiring, so a MOVA globe is sure to get a genuine smile from the recipient. Not only is it a great Christmas gift, it's perfect as a Father's Day gift or as a birthday surprise. If you've got people in your life that love science, astronomy, geography, or unique gadgets, one of these interactive globes is a must.

MOVA Globe Prices

MOVA globe cloud and satelliteWith the great variety of MOVA globes, comes a large range of prices. Four and a half inch MOVA globes with an acrylic stand normally fall between $130 and $175. Eight and a half inch globes run between $375 and $500. These are highly technical and interactive globes, so while the price is higher than a normal globe, the magic they create certainly justifies the price.

MOVA globes are a special piece of home or office decor. There are really few things that drive a sense of awe and mystery like one of them. You'll love your MOVA globe for that, whether it's for you or meant as a gift. The smiles and wide-eyed stares they create are priceless.