Move Forward with an Online Bachelor of Nursing Degree

Do you have a nurturing nature? Are you interested in the medical field? Nursing may be right for you, particularly if you feel at home with basic courses in anatomy, physiology, and chemistry. But what if it is inconvenient for you to travel not only to classes but labs. Do you know that you can earn a bachelor of nursing degree online?

In a nursing curriculum you will take classes in anatomy, physiology, organic and inorganic chemistry , public health, pharmacology, and basic nursing courses. You will work with flow charts in identifying compounds and you will synthesize organic compounds, such as deriving esters (compounds that smell like fruit or flowers) from an organic acid with an alcohol. Charts, simulated reactions shown in graphic color appear on your monitor. You will also have complete access to dialoging with your instructor and with your fellow students.

As the course opens, be it a basis nursing course or a science course, you will familiarize yourself with its layout and structure. You will see ANNOUNCEMENTS and in this introduction you will see the policy of the course, such as rules on plagiarism, on the instructor's office hours, on grading, and on communicating with the instructor or other students. You will be given a sequence of readings, of experiments to carry out on line such as those referred to above. You may work in teams and complete projects together. At any rate, you will cover the basics of nursing and it will be integrated with basic requirements in composition and math, usually rhetorical modes of writing, such as exposition, argumentation, compare and contrast, classification, narration, and analysis/synthesis. Math requirements include a year of algebra and, in some courses, analytic geometry, trigonometry or calculus. Chemistry is broken down into organic and inorganic chemistry. Some schools now require physical chemistry.

Navigating the Online Bachelor of Nursing Degree

Navigation and interaction are the heart and soul of the Online Bachelor of Nursing Degree. You should realize that the navigation protocol given here is based on a common denominator of several such programs; nevertheless, it should give you an idea of what is in store for you should you follow the program of a typical online bachelor of nursing degree. The program is designed to move one forward in steps from basic knowledge and skill to more complex and increasingly applied knowledge. Usually, a lecture (given in print form) and a summary of major points, is presented every week. Then the student applies the lecture to a problem they must solve. In this way most programs mirror a form of critical thinking. So there is communication via written assignments, there are quizzes at the end of each week, and there is class interaction. Each student is expected to participate in class discussion. In this system it is impossible for the student to hide as so often happens in on the ground courses. One technique the instructor may use is to pose a question or to share an experience of using a procedure and then inviting the student to share an experience of their own. The instructor may paraphrase the student's response and then invite other students to respond to the various experiences. One can clearly see on the monitor the students who respond and the students who do not respond. The instructor may invite the non-responders for a private conference. If you are confused about a point or a procedure, you are encouraged to use the link called: Ask the Professor. The instructor in an asynchronous classroom will answer your questions within 24 hours. If you want you can follow up the response with a private email conference, just by setting an appointment time with your instructor. The student must realize that the Ask the Professor link is visible to all students and there may be material you have questions about that you don't want made public. If you are really confused about a point or procedure, there are links to support you. You can be put in touch with a chemistry or biology tutor or a pharmacology tutor. Many students find that they have not kept their math skills finely tuned and this is presenting them with a problem. If you have this problem, do not hesitate to seek tutorial help. You will also find an online library and special help with APA (American Psychological Association) documentation, which is the usual requirement for documenting written work.

Another feature the student pursuing an online bachelor of nursing degree may encounter is a running grade report. As a student you are never kept in limbo over your course performance. You can access your grade at any time. You can get a course average and a breakdown of what you have earned each week. The grades from the essays you have written, the objective exams and participation grade are all differentiated. So, if you question your grade, you have access to the determining factors at your fingertips at all times.

A Universal Format for an Online Bachelor of Nursing Degree

The format used as the instructional model for an online bachelor of nursing degree is virtually universal. If you have completed a course like the above in chemistry then the same format is likely to be used to teach biology course, and even some humanities courses such as composition and literature. You will find online college psychology courses, criminal justice online degree programs, and online paralegal programs. A popular one is hotel management degree online.

Another student advantage is that by using the online format for your curriculum requirements, you can finish faster. Whereas it takes on average sixteen weeks to finish a traditional course, you can complete an online course in 7.5 weeks. Another advantage is that you don't have to drive anywhere and you don't have to dress up. These factors give rise to an economic motive for choosing online classes over traditional on-ground courses. You save on cleaning bills, on wear and tear on your car on gasoline and on your own nerves.

For those individuals who go on to one of the online nursing masters programs, it is distinctly possible to teach online for online nursing schools that offer online adjunct teaching positions to qualified candidates. As more accredited online nursing schools appear on the academic scene, the more technically adept online adjunct instructor will be needed to teach the many online college courses. Additionally, the online faculty member with an online teaching schedule containing eight to ten online classes can teach for schools that offer the online registered nurse degree and the online rn to bsn degree from an inexpensive personal computer. There can no longer be any doubt that accredited online bachelor degree programs and accredited online master's degree programs are the future of post-secondary education and that those who earn graduate online teaching degrees can earn a decent living from teaching college students enrolled in online college degree programs.