Did you just move into your home?

After searching high and low, and wheeling and dealing with the real estate agents, and the house inspectors, and fighting for a great interest rate at the bank, you finally signed all the papers at the lawyers office and your closing date is almost here!

So, you will move into the house, and wonder where to start. How can you make it "your home feel cozy" without breaking the bank right away. You have all kinds of decorating ideas and possibly some renovations down the road, but right now you just need to put the key in the lock and be able to say "this is mine".

There are five great tips to get you settled as you move in. If you use these tips then it should start feeling like yours and feel protected.


1. Change the locks

This is the most important thing you need to do. Actually go out and purchase new locks before your closing date, and as the moving van is moving in all your belongings, you are going to be changing the locks, or have a locksmith come in and change them for you.

You don't know how many people have the keys to this house. If you want to truly make this your own space, then take away the possibility of someone's Uncle Frank just walking in on you! Or the neighbor down the road who used to water their plants and feed the cat. This may seem expensive but look what you just went through to get in, it is well worth it!

2. Clean

Either get the entire family and section off the house, or hire a cleaning crew and clean hopefully before the moving van shows up! Even if you can stall the moving van by one day, or even a few hours. If there are enough of you and lots of cleaning products and especially a vacuum and mop and bathroom cleaners, then you can clean all the old house grime or new house dust depending on the house.

Nothing makes this house yours like a good clean!

3. Safety

Replace all the batteries in the smoke detectors if they have them. If they are 7 years old or older then consider getting new ones, and purchase a carbon monoxide detector too, especially if you have a gas furnace etc. Also get a fire extinguisher for the kitchen. Check these as soon as you move into your home.

4. Make it yours with paint

Maybe you can't quite afford that big renovation just yet, but a quick coat of paint and you can totally change the look of your place and make it feel like home before you know it.

5. Save money

Go around and change out the light bulbs for long lasting compact bulbs. They will last longer and save you on hydro. Maybe consider purchasing some timers for your lights, this is a great security option, or motion sensor lights.

When you move into your home, you need to address the above five tips to make it feel like yours. You will soon be putting out the "home sweet home" sign.