Most people are aware that the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You look around and you can see people wearing pink to help promote the awareness of breast cancer and result in early detection. People organize many fund-raisers to help fund research and offer support. This awareness is important because breast cancer represents over 28% of all malignancies among women.

Did you know that November is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in the US? Men are encouraged to show their support by growing a moustache for the month to raise awareness and show their support for the men diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. The words moustache and November are being combined to create a new word Movember. This movement began in 2003 and has spread globally raising health awareness and raising funds for various charities. In The Year 2011, $126.3 million dollars were raised around the world.

On November 1st, men are encourage to start off clean shaven. The remainder of the month men are asked to grow a moustaches to show their support and help raise awareness of men's health issues, especially testicular and prostate cancer. Women can also show their support by encouraging and supporting their man. Not only does the moustaches show your support, but a new look usually initiates a conversation where men can express the importance of men's health. All men wanting to support the cause are asked to regiser and get involved.

Men from age range 25 to 45 have a higher risk of developing testicular cancer while men 50 and above have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. Men having a family history have an even higher chance of developing the disease. While regular exercise has not shown to reduce risk, studies show that some foods may actually help reduce the risk of cancer.

In 2012, prostate cancer was the most diagnosed cancer in men with over 240,000 cases expected diagnosed by the end of the year, and over 28,000 men are expected to die from prostate cancer. This means that 1 out of every 6 men will suffer from prostate cancer in their lifetime, and a man will die on the average of every 18 minutes from this disease.

Some of the most prevalent signs of prostate cancer include urinary problems such as blood in the urine, erectile dysfunction, and back and leg pain. These symptoms may actually take several years to show up. Men 50 and over are to should see their doctor regularly for prostate exams.

Symptoms of prostate or testicular cancer do not usually show until the later stages of the disease and may take years for a person to begin showing symptoms. According to the National Cancer Institute, many men do not show any symptoms at all. Some of the most common symptoms are urinary problems, erectile dysfunction, and back and leg pain. Men 50 and over are encouraged to see their doctor regularly for prostate exams.

Now is your chance to grow out that outrageous handlebar moustache or even go with a more conservative look if you prefer. Whatever your style is, proudly grow that Mo. Do your part this November and show your support during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Men 50 and over, call your physician and schedule an appointment for your next exam.