Bringing Back the Mustache One Style at a Time

Every year the good people who run the Movember campaign try to get the word out that it is ok to have a mustache, especially for a good cause during November. They want all men to know that having hair on your upper lip is a form of pride and true “manliness”.

What is Movember?

Back in 2003 men in Australia and New Zealand started to sport mustaches of all kinds to help raise awareness of prostate cancer. Since men don’t go to the doctor as nearly as often as women, there needed to be a worldwide push to inform men that early detection is key to beating prostate cancer. From what started as a few renegade men that refused to shave their mustaches for the month of November, has blossomed into this special event known asMovember Logo Movember.

In the humble begins not that much money was raised, but the tradition and awareness had began and caught on like crazy. Movember has grown in size every year with Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raising money for this cause. In 2011 alone, over 144,600 participants raised over $14.5 million USD to date. That is a lot of mustache hair. I can only imagine the amount of shaving cream used on December 1st.

How to Participate in Movember

First you will need to register on the Movember website, which will give you access to your fund raising page. You are also allowed to join a Movemebr team for extra mustache support. Once this has been taken care of you begin your wild upper lip journey.

When Movember 1st hits you start the day clean-shaven. Next you wait and almost like a Chia Pet, your top lip starts to sprout little hairs that will become a symbol for all men. Take the first few days to try and decide what kind of Movember style you want (be sure to check out the Movember style guideMustache below). There are twelve to choose from, so select wisely.

During the growing season use your face as a billboard for all men, proudly promoting that you are raising awareness for prostate cancer. Try and get donations from your family and friends during this time. All of your donations will be filtered into foundations like Live Strong and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

When the end of Movember is upon you, it is custom for the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to celebrate what was just accomplished by throwing their own Movember gathering or you can view the website for one of the Gala Partés near you. The Gala’s are held at various locations all around the world and are a great send off to the well manicured mustaches that have brought the world so much hilarity and joy for the past 30 days. Once December 1st comes, you are able to shave off your mustache and resume your regular identity. If you feel any depressing from losing that small forest on your lip, you can always start planning for next year.

Movember Style Guide

Porn Star – Have you ever wanted to be in “the industry”? Have you longed for the chance to relive a day when everyman in porn had a mustache? Then this is a perfect fit for you, as you will be sure to turn all the ladies donating to your Movember cause with this handsome little devil.

Box Car – Known for its smaller rectangular shape, the Box Car mustache will impress everyone who works on the rail system for sure. Just be careful to check it for train hoppers.

Brown Baron – This mustache portrays an old time bare-knuckle boxer. This is man who knew no fear and would step into the ring just for the amusement of being in a fight. Most other mustaches don’t want to admit this, but they fear the Brown Barron and its cocky attitude.

Movember Style Guide #1

Abrakadabra – Don’t try sawing any pretty ladies in half, unless you have the assistance of the Abrakadabra mustache. With its sleek, smile shaped design you will surely impress any crowd with your card tricks.

Undercover Brother – A lot of Movember participants will take on this well crafted mustache style since it is worn by one of the most influential men of our time, Tom Selleck. This upper lip stache was created by the Gods themselves and should be worn with caution. Just by looking at someone who is doing criminal activity they will become extremely fearful and run in the opposite direction.

Trucker – Created in Hell, the Trucker doesn’t take crap from any mustache or man on the planet. I would only suggest wearing this mustache style if you have leather pants, a leather jacket or a Harley Davidson. Otherwise steer clear or else you will find a broken beer bottle on your head sooner than later.

Major – This mustache style tells a lot about you. It lets everyone know right away that you run a tight ship, that you don’t want to hear excuses you want actions and that you will always be 15 minuets early to any event.

Movember Style Guide #2

Dennis – The Dennis is a formal version of the Trucker. It wants to work in a somewhat business setting, but still tells everyone at the office, “Yeah I ride motorcycles on the weekends.” Men who wear this mustache style always have a firm handshake.

Connoisseur – One of the harder mustache styles to grow, the Connoisseur takes years to perfect with special grooming dates and special styling products to help you form it to the exact specifications. This is the Holy Grail of mustaches. If you can achieve this style during the month of Movember men everywhere will bow before you.

Regent – The Regent is perfect for the strong and silent type. Nothing says gentleman more than this mustache style. Worn by the one and only silent film star Charlie Chaplin, this mustache does the talking to the ladies for you so that you don’t have to.

Business Man – With so many professional men taking part in this month of awareness we had to include something sleek and classy. Kept at the perfect length proportionate to your mouth, the Business Man can close any deal in the boardroom.

Movember Style Guide #3

After Eight – You know the saying, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere”, well it’s always a party for the After Eight mustache style. This mustache brings out the spontaneity of any wearer. They are always looking to get into a little trouble and extend the party a few more hours, so that they can showcase the right to left strait style that represents it being after eight on their face.

Movember is quite an exceptional month of celebration, so study your Movember Style Guide and if you see someone on the street thank them for being one of the brave ones. Without them there wouldn’t be additional funds to help fight prostate cancer.