This independent film which has cast lesser-known actors will remind you of “The Big Chill” when old friends got together after a long time.  Although “The Big Chill” involved a funeral, “Not Since You” is about a wedding.


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A group of New York University (NYU) graduates came together in Athens, Georgia for the wedding of one of their classmates.  Their college days preceded 9/11, so their lives had changed along with everyone else in the USA.

Ashley (Victoria Leigh) and Daniel (Grant Sharp) are hosting their wedding at Ashley’s wealthy uncle’s estate, and their out-of-town guests will stay on the grounds for the entire weekend, partaking of the hospitality of Uncle Dennis (Barry Corbin) who entertains lavishly.

Background of the Wedding Guests

We are introduced initially to Sam (Desmond Harrington) and Howard (Jon Abrahams), both of whom have come stag to the party and are sharing a room.  During their college days, Howard and Victoria (Sunny Mabrey) were an item; that is, until Howard’s best friend Billy moved in on Howard’s territory, and Billy and Victoria have been engaged for about three years.   Billy is hopeful that his old, estranged friend Howard will give the couple his blessing.  Until that happens, Billy does not want to tie the knot with Victoria.


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A Love Affair Rekindled?

Sam, on the other hand, was unaware that his college sweetheart, Amy (Kathleen Robertson) had married.  He had been hoping to rekindle their love affair on this wedding weekend.  When they were a pair, Sam had an urge to see the world and wanted Amy to join him on a trip overseas for several months.  That was not the type of life Amy had envisioned for herself, so Sam went off by himself on his adventure.  For the three months that he was gone, he phoned Amy only once.  She apparently had moved on with her life without his knowing about it.  They had not been in contact since that time.

Joey Fudgler (Elden Hensen), whom they call “Fudge,” seems to have taken to drink, although the group remembers that Fudge was up to the same shenanigans while they were at NYU.  He and Sarah (Sara Rue) were friends at school, but were not romantically involved at the time.  Sarah has gone on to be a Children’s author, and in fact, has a book-signing within the next week right there in Athens, Georgia, which is her home town.  Sarah has been saving herself for her husband, and has not had a serious romantic relationship since college.  She and Fudge paired up this weekend for the first time.


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                                  Christian Kane - Photo by Raven Underwood - Wikimedia

Fudge’s Secret Sadness

As Fudge and Sarah renewed their friendship, the topic of Fudge’s over-the-top drinking came into the conversation.  Fudge dredged up old, suppressed memories and explained himself to Sarah.  On the evening of September 10, 2001, Fudge had been out with friends and indulged too much in alcohol, which was becoming more and more frequent.  He woke up later than usual the next morning to find out that the World Trade Center, where he worked, had been demolished.  Since that time, he regarded alcohol as his life-saver.  He broke down while telling Sarah his tragic tale.  He was the only member of his company who was still alive.  He and Sarah forged a newly-found friendship that weekend.  Fudge decided to stay on to attend Sarah’s book-signing the next week.

Howard’s Investment Venture

Howard was particularly interested in talking to Ashley’s Uncle Dennis since Howard was seeking wealthy investors for his grand idea of using some sort of biodiesel fuel in American automobiles.  His pursuit of Dennis’ interest seemed to be his main thrust for the weekend, other than trying to avoid Billy, who he felt had taken away his girlfriend Victoria.


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A Fight Over Victoria

Howard and Billy, after years of estrangement, got into a fist fight the day after Ashley’s wedding while everyone was enjoying the repast that Uncle Dennis put out for the out-of-town guests who had remained.  Howard managed to sit down and talk things over with Victoria, who told him that he had been in love with the idea of being in love, and had not really loved Victoria.  She persuaded him to give his blessing to the couple so that they could finally get married after Billy’s guilt about losing his best friend.  Billy even asked Howard to be his best man.

Amy’s Husband has Suspicions

Amy’s husband, Ryan (Christian Kane), remained apprehensive of Sam’s attentions to his wife Amy on the weekend, and finally confronted Amy about his worries.  He told her of his love, but felt that he did not want to be married if she would be unhappy in that marriage.  Amy explained that she and Sam had a nice relationship in college and had some wonderful times, but that they were not really meant for each other.  His lifestyle would not have suited her.  She liked the comfortable feeling she had with her husband Ryan, whose homespun ideals were the same as hers. She worried about Sam and his clinging to that time, and was trying to make Sam realize that they were never really compatible.

We Can All Relate

Many people have had early relationships which they treasured in a different time and place.  I can relate to that.  But we all change over time and cannot go back to our carefree youth to recapture a feeling that has long since died.  This was a delightful film which took that theme out from under the rug, and gave us all a paddling for living in the past.


Mary Pickford and Douglas FairbanksCredit: Wikimedia Commons

                                        Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks - Wikimedia

History of “Indie” Films   

“Not Since You” is what is known as an “Indie” film.  That is to say, it is a low-budget film and is not produced by a major Hollywood film studio.  In 1919, Douglas Fairbanks and his wife Mary Pickford launched an independent film company known as “United Artists” along with D. W. Griffith and Charlie Chaplin.  This eventually broke the monopoly of Paramount Studios which controlled production and distribution facilities which supplied movie theaters. Modern Independent filmmakers got their start at Robert Redford’s Sundance, with names like Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, Jim Jarmusch, Kevin Smith, and Robert Rodriguez, who became the forerunners of today's "Indie" movement.

Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese and George Lucas are credited with coining the label “Indie.”

In 1979, an Australian epic film “Mad Max” was produced independently with a budget of $400,000 and went on to earn $100 million, which put them in the Guinness Book of Records.  The film launched the career of Australian Mel Gibson.

In 1999, the independent film “The Blair Witch Project” was made for $25,000 and took in $248 million worldwide.

We owe a lot to those risk takers who have the courage to go against the establishment to bring entertainment to the public without being under the control of monopolies.