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For some reason I had always thought that the expression, 'Kick the Bucket', which refers to a person dying, was a very English, slang statement. However, as this is exactly what is referred to in the title of the American film, The Bucket List, I guess it is a more universal statement than I had realised.

The plot of The Bucket List

The plot of this film revolves about the chance meeting of two very different men. Both are patients in the same Hospital. The only common ground that they have is that they are both inpatients suffering from a cancer, which is very aggressive and likely to be terminal.

Morgan Freeman plays an ordinary sort of working guy, Carter Carter is approaching his retirement from the working world and is shocked to suddenly discover that he has such a life threatening illness. His hospital room companion is Edward, played by Jack Nicholson, who is similar in age and has more recently discovered that he has such an illness also. As a successful and wealthy individual Edward is the complete opposite of Carter. These two men have so many differences but, due to their cancers, they are brought together in more ways than one.

The Bucket List

Morgan Freeman, Carter, begins to write his wish list, of things to accomplish before he dies. His Bucket List which consists of "'Things to do before I die' is drawn up almost nonchalantly.

Little does Cartere realise what impact this casually drawn up list will have on him, his family and his fellow patient, Edward. With Edward's wealth the two men set out on the journey of a lifetime. Perhaps a journey of discovery and closure.

At times this film is a little corny, and I suppose it may be also a little predictable. However it is still a very moving story. The end does have a little twist to it, which I shall not spoil for the viewer.

Recommended viewing?

The cast, especially the main players, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, all played their parts well. Just as in life this sad story is interspersed with humour. My favourite funny moments were a scene that included a car race, when Carter really lets go of his feelings, and, nasty as it sounds, Edward's foolish eating after his first Chemotherapy treatment and his body's awful reaction.

I really enjoyed this film, as an easy to watch movie ,that was true to life, in parts, although a little too unbelievable in others. However, on the whole, our human frailties are portrayed well in the bucket list.

This film is true to life in that the unexpected always happens at the worst times of our lives and that most ordinary people have dreams and ambitions, at all levels, which they never have a chance to experience and fulfill.

In 'The Bucket List' the two men manage to build an incongruous relationship and ultimately friendship and both achieve their heart's desires before they die.

In Closing

The end is a real tearjerker and I would imagine that most, if not all, viewers will feel moved to tears. It is rated a PG but there is little to offend. I do think though that much of the story and humour would be wasted on the very young. There may be humour, a good cast and more but, after all, the main subject of the film is death.

The running time of The Bucket List is 97 minutes.

The DVD was released in 2008

Overall this film is heart-warming, funny, sad and entertaining. What more can you want?