If you are an incurable romantic, you will probably like the film “Bed of Roses.”  It is a story of how two people met, each with a past that prevented them from moving forward happily.  That is not to say that they were compatible from the start; quite the contrary, they had each gotten to this point from totally different backgrounds.


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Lisa Walker (Mary Stuart Masterson) was a young, twenty-something, successful business executive whose boyfriend Danny (Josh Brolin) was also career-minded, to the point where they did not see each other very often, which seemed to be a comfortable arrangement for each of them.

Lisa’s Background

On a busy morning at work, Lisa received a phone call that Stanley had passed away.  The viewer learns through a flashback and later conversations that Stanley was Lisa’s adoptive father.  Stanley’s wife passed away shortly after they took in Lisa, who was abandoned in a Pittsburgh airport when she was three months old.  Lisa did not even know her birth date.  Stanley was an alcoholic who probably abused Lisa when she was young, but she had no other adult in her life.  She became an overachiever and a workaholic, and managed to climb the ladder in her corporate job.  Lisa’s boss noted that Lisa seemed under stress after Stanley’s death, and ordered her to take a week off from work to get some rest.  She reluctantly complied.


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A Secret Admirer

On the same day that she learned of Stanley’s death, Lisa received a beautiful bouquet of flowers without a card.  She had no idea who sent them.  The note just said to put Seven-up in the water to make them last longer. Lisa asked her boyfriend Danny if he had sent them; of course he didn’t.  Danny was not the romantic type.  Lisa’s curiosity got the best of her and she stopped off at the florist shop on her way home from work.  The delivery man, Lewis (Christian Slater) told her that the sender wished to remain anonymous.

Lisa Learns Who Sent the Flowers

Lisa’s close friend Kim (Pamela Adlon) provided a good sounding board for Lisa, and she was excited at the prospect that Lisa had a secret admirer.  She encouraged Lisa to find out more about the sender, if possible.  Lisa returned to the florist shop, and through further questioning, Lewis admitted that he had sent the flowers to Lisa.  He explained that he often took long walks in the evening, and spotted her in her window, looking sad.  He decided to cheer her up with a bouquet of flowers.


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Lewis Likes to Deliver Flowers

As it turned out, Lewis actually owned the flower shop.  He liked to deliver the flowers himself because he enjoyed seeing the happy faces on the people who received their flowers.  It boosted his own spirits.  He invited Lisa to join him that day on his delivery route.  Each person who received flowers from Lewis smiled broadly.  Lisa could understand why he liked being the delivery man.  Lewis invited Lisa up to see his apartment.  She hesitated at first, but was impressed with his trustworthiness, and agreed to go with him.  Inside of Lewis’ apartment, he pulled down a ladder from the ceiling and helped her up the ladder which led to the roof of the building.  It was covered with all sorts of flowers which Lewis grew and cared for.  He pointed out the names of all of them.  It was a breathtaking view.

Lisa confided in Kim that she learned who sent her the flowers, and told her the story.  She was fearful though because she was not in the market for a relationship at this time.  She was very good at her job, and did not think she was up for such a change in her life.  While Kim was at Lisa’s apartment, roses were delivered to Lisa every hour.  There was no more room in her apartment.  Lewis told her that he had cleaned out the city.  He said that their time together the day before was one of the nicest days he had in a very long time.

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Lewis’ Background

As their friendship grew, Lewis related to Lisa that he had been happily married.  His wife became pregnant, and complications during her pregnancy resulted in the death of her as well as the baby.  That is why he took long walks in the evening, and why he took pity on Lisa when he saw her through her window, looking so sad.  He also stated that he had been a Wall Street broker, but got out of the business after his wife died, because of the stress involved.  He found more peace in owning the flower shop.

Their Friendship Grows

Lisa and Lewis exchanged stories about their youth.  Lisa was hesitant to speak of her past since Lewis had come from a happy family with several extended relations and happy memories.  When Lewis asked how her parents had met, she made up a story.  As we know, she never knew her real parents.  When Lewis asked her when her birthday was, she said it was April lst.  He asked Lisa to join him when he went home at Christmas to be with his family.  He wanted them all to meet Lisa.  She said “No.”

Lisa Confides Her Past to Lewis

Lisa finally told Lewis about her childhood and that she had been abandoned.  She felt that their lives were such a contrast that she would feel too uncomfortable meeting his family.  He reassured her that his family would love her and that she would be so welcomed in their home.  After several days, she decided that she would accompany him.

Lewis was right.  His family was so happy to meet Lisa and welcomed her with open arms.  Aunts, uncles, and cousins were on hand to celebrate the Christmas season.  They reveled in each other’s company.


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                                                                 Josh Brolin - Wikimedia

Lewis Proposes Marriage

In front of the entire crowd, Lewis got down on his knees and brought out a ring to give to Lisa.  She was shocked, to the point that she left the house and Lewis had to run after her.  The situation was too stressful for her; she could not handle it.  She was too embarrassed to return.

They drove home in silence, and parted company when they reached Lisa’s house.  After several weeks, there was a happy ending which all of you romantics out there would enjoy watching.

This was a story about two people who had no control over the circumstances of their lives.  Each had to make the best of a bad bargain.  Luckily, they found each other and were able to have a whole new life which neither expected would ever happen.  We can all learn a lesson from them; we can control our own fate if we are willing to take chances.

Bed of Roses
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