The movie “Before We Go” is Chris Evans’ directorial debut.  He also stars in the film.  You may know Chris Evans more as Captain America since he has a contract to play the Marvel character six times; this contract will be completed in 2017 when he plans to end his acting career and devote his energies entirely to directing.  “Before We Go” gives a good indication that Chris Evans will be a successful director, but his acting abilities are top-notch also.

It was a pleasure to view this film.  Not often do you have the opportunity to witness two characters showing deep respect and gentility towards one another.  Instead, they learn about each other in one night and early morning through conversation, confession, and remorse, with neither party making a move to turn the incident into a physical encounter.


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Nick (Chris Evans) is a busker; that is, he plays his trumpet in Grand Central Station for tips from passers-by.  This is a temporary job.  In the morning, he has an audition for a job with the famous Duke Terry Band.  When he was in college, he planned to go to medical school, but found that most of his time was spent with music and with his trumpet.  The girl he loved in college, whose name was Hannah (Emma Fitzpatrick), convinced him to stay with music as a career, and he took her advice.  In fact, back then he bought an expensive diamond ring to present to her only to hear from her two minutes before he planned to give her the ring that she thought it was time for them to take a break from each other.  That was six years ago.  In all that time he had not been able to get over the deep love he had for her.

Nick Meets Brooke

The viewer learns these facts from Nick’s conversation with the other main character in the film, Brooke (Alice Eve), whom Nick met while busking that evening in Grand Central Station.  While running past him on her way to catch a 1:30 a.m. train, Brooke dropped and broke her phone.  Nick caught up to her to return the phone and found her standing outside the train station.  She revealed that her expensive Prada purse had been stolen from her in a bar and she was alone in New York, having missed her train and unable to get home to Boston.  Nick agreed to escort her back to the bar to see if the culprits had just taken the money and left the purse behind with her credit cards and ID.

Nick went in the bar, was shown some purses including Brooke’s Prada, and was about to take possession of it when the bar’s monitor showed cops entering the front door.  The men that Nick was negotiating with punched him, grabbed the purses, and went out the back door.


Grand Central StationCredit: Wikimedia Commons

                                                  Grand Central Station - Wikimedia

Nick’s Plan to Attend a Wedding Reception

Nick told Brooke that he had planned that evening to attend the wedding of his friend Danny (Mark Kassen), and perhaps he could raise enough money there to get Brooke back to New York.  He used a pay phone to call Danny since his cellphone had died, and told Danny to text him the address of the wedding reception.  Brooke also used the phone to call her husband without stating that she was in New York City.  He was planning to come home earlier than expected and told her he would see her when he arrived home at 8 a.m.

Nick and Brooke Perform

Upon arriving at the address, Nick realized that he was given the wrong address and that they had crashed an entirely different affair.  The manager was incensed because the band hadn’t shown up, and mistook Nick for a member of the band since he was carrying his trumpet with him.  Nick offered his services along with the services of Brooke as a singer.  Brooke was not a professional singer and resisted doing it initially, but because she needed the money badly, she went on stage.  In their earlier conversation, Brooke had told Nick about a time when she had sung “My Funny Valentine,” so Nick chose that song as their opening number.  Brooke did a wonderful job and was applauded generously when the actual band members walked in and Nick and Brooke had to leave, without getting paid.


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Brooke Makes a Secret Phone Call

Before leaving, however, Brooke was able to borrow a man's phone to call her friend, Pam.  She begged Pam to go to her house to retrieve a letter she had left for her husband that she did not want him to read when he arrived home at 8 a.m.  She gave specific instructions to Pam on how to find a key to the house hidden in a metal box near the door.

Nick Converses with His Ex-Girlfriend

When Nick revealed to Brooke that his ex-girlfriend Hannah would be at the wedding reception, Brooke agreed to go along, pretending to be Nick’s girlfriend, perhaps making Hannah jealous and remorseful.  Brooke was introduced to Hannah who was accompanied by a man named Cole.  Nick learned from Hannah that she was pregnant and had never been happier.  They left the reception with Nick feeling downcast that his hopes were dashed of ever getting Hannah back.

Nick and Brooke Visit a Psychic

Walking the streets together, Nick and Brooke came upon a psychic who came out to empty his garbage.  At 2 a.m., he invited them in and offered to do a reading for them even though they had no money.  They learned very little from the psychic although he was very insightful and offered them advice.  Brooke asked to use his phone to call Pam.  She was distraught when she learned that the key was not in the metal box and Pam was unable to retrieve the letter which Brooke had left but no longer wanted her husband to see.

Brooke Confides Her Trouble to Nick

When they left the psychic’s house, Brooke explained to Nick that she had discovered months ago through her husband’s E-mails that he was cheating on her with a woman he met while he was on business in Atlanta, Georgia.  He told Brooke that the relationship had ended, but an E-mail revealed that the woman asked him to stop and see her on his business trip to Atlanta that weekend.  When Brooke left for work in New York, she left behind a letter to her husband, ending their marriage, along with her engagement and wedding rings.  However, when her husband told her in her phone call that evening that he would be coming home sooner than expected, and would see her at 8 a.m. the next morning, she realized that he did not plan to see the woman but was coming right home to her.  She needed Pam to retrieve the letter before he saw it.


Emma FitzpatrickCredit: Wikimedia Commons

                                                            Emma Fitzpatrick - Wikimedia

Brooke’s Choice

Nick and Brooke went to the hotel room which Nick was to share with a friend from the wedding, where they continued their conversation of confiding in each other.  Nick had fallen in love with Brooke, but Brooke loved her husband deeply, and felt that she should give herself the opportunity to explain to her husband what had transpired to cause her to leave the letter for him.  The couple parted amicably, knowing that they had found a confidante like no other, and realized that it is possible to love more than one person.

What a beautiful, refreshing story.  Yes, they did share one kiss at the end, but the viewer remains uplifted to learn that two people of the opposite sex can be involved in a close friendship that does not include sex.  Bravo Chris Evans!  May we see more films directed by you when you complete your contract as Captain America.


Before We Go
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