This is a charming love story which all young unmarried people should see before they make that major step in their own lives.  It has captured young love as it should be and fashions a tale around that phenomenon which is meant to entertain while projecting subtly the serious message underlying the difficulties encountered by the two young protagonists in the story.


Julia StilesCredit: Wikimedia Commons

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Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles) is a serious student enrolled at the University of Wisconsin whose goal is to be accepted at Johns Hopkins University Medical School.  Interestingly, Julia Stiles had previously played a bright college student with lofty goals in the film “Mona Lisa Smile.”

Meanwhile, Crown Prince Edvard of Denmark (Luke Mably), who will one day be the 51st ruler of his country, is disenchanted with the royal duties he must perform, particularly having to attend meetings with his father where corporate executives and union representatives vie for royal recognition.  Edvard’s father was ill, thinking it might be the flu, and was concerned that Edvard was not prepared to take over his father’s duties, should he become too ill.  While viewing a television documentary of college girls in Wisconsin, Edvard decided that he had to get out of Denmark to enroll as a commoner in an American college where he would be accepted as just another student.  His father reluctantly agreed to Edvard’s wishes, provided he take along his valet, Soren (Ben Miller), as a companion, mentor, and guard.

Edvard Goes to America

Edvard was accepted at the University of Wisconsin.  While visiting the Rathskeller at the college, he spotted Paige Miller, mistaking her for a waitress, and ordered her to bring a menu to him and Soren.  Paige was actually a bartender, working her way through college, and was disinterested in “Eddie” initially.  When he went up to the bar, he insulted Paige and she squirted water on him with a high powered soda hose.


Luke MablyCredit: Wikimedia Commons

                                                              Luke Mably - Wikimedia

Page and Eddie are Lab Partners

The next morning, Paige and the other students settled into their lab course when Eddie disrupted the class by arriving late.  After being chastised by the professor, he took an empty seat next to Paige.  The professor then announced to the class that persons sitting next to each other would be permanent lab partners for the semester.  Paige was unhappy with the arrangement and went to Eddie’s dorm after class to warn him that she needed to do well in the class in order to get into medical school and had to have her lab partner’s cooperation in order to do that.  She reminded him to bring his half of the supplies which he had forgotten to do on the first day.

Paige Has a Dislike for Eddie

Eddie obtained a job at a deli on the college campus.  Paige was surprised to see him there and learned that he had given her name as a reference in order to get the job.  She accused him of being the spoiled child of wealthy parents who could not function on his own.  He explained that, yes, his parents were wealthy but that he had cut himself off from them in order to make it on his own.  He asked her if she might accompany him to a party he planned to attend; she answered that she was kind of busy.

Eddie Tutors Paige in British Literature

One of Paige’s classes was a British literature class with a concentration on Shakespeare.  She knew that she had difficulty with that area of knowledge and had gotten a C in the class.  After hearing Eddie quote a Shakespearean poem, she asked for his help.  In return, she agreed to show him how to do his laundry in the college laundry facility.  Eddie helped her to parse a line of a poem which stated “The sun itself sees not till heaven clears.”  Paige managed to get an A minus in the next quarter of the class.  Eddie, of course, was only doing D work in his classes.


Royal CrownCredit: Wikimedia Commons

                                                   Royal Crown of Denmark - Wikimedia  

Paige Invites Eddie to Her Home for Thanksgiving

One of Paige’s classmates took an interest in Eddie and asked Paige if she had invited Eddie to her home over Thanksgiving.  Paige said no, and her friend started to ask Eddie that question when Paige jumped in quickly and asked him herself.

Paige’s family lived on a farm and welcomed Eddie for the Thanksgiving vacation.  Paige’s two brothers showed Eddie how to milk the cows, a task that he had never done, of course.  They showed him their mowers and told him of the Mad Mowers Derby that would take place that weekend.  Eddie knew a way to increase the speed of the mower and they allowed him to enter the race with one of the mowers.  Eddie won the race, unseating the favorite, a fellow named Kopetsky, who punched Eddie and started a brawl when Paige’s brothers entered the fray.  Paige mentioned to Eddie that evening that people around there were getting the wrong idea, thinking that Paige and Eddie were involved.  Eddie answered her concern by kissing her, and she kissed him back.

Eddie’s Secret is Out

After their Thanksgiving break, the two returned to school to study for their exams.  In the library, they secreted themselves in the stacks and were kissing when some photographers came there from out of nowhere and snapped their picture.  It was only then that Paige learned that Eddie was actually the Crown Prince of Denmark.  He apologized for not telling her sooner, but he said that, for once in his life, he didn’t want to be Prince Edvard.  The papers had gotten several pictures of the two together, and the newspapers in Denmark released them to the public also.

Eddie Had to Leave for Home

Eddie received a call from his mother, saying that he had to come home because his father was ill.  Paige learned that he had left after his last final exam, but he had left her a small gift with a poem.  She felt that she had to go to Denmark; she loved Eddie and was unable to end their relationship so suddenly.  When she arrived, a parade was in progress on the streets of Copenhagen, and Prince Edvard was riding a horse in his full royal regalia.  As he passed by, she kept shouting “Eddie, Eddie,” but he did not hear her.  The crowd around her recognized her from her picture in the paper and they started to chant “Paige, Paige, Paige!”  Prince Edvard spotted Paige then and came over and pulled her up with him on his horse.


Miranda RichardsonCredit: Wikimedia Commons

                                                                  Miranda Richardson                                                                                                                                                Wikimedia 

 Paige Meets Eddie’s Parents

Eddie brought Paige to meet his parents.  His mother (Miranda Richardson) was somewhat cool initially.  Eddie’s father said to him “If you love her and she loves you, then marry her.”  From that moment, Paige was treated royally, the maids brought her breakfast in bed, and Eddie’s mother showed her the basement room which held the royal jewels, and told her to choose what she wanted to wear for Prince Edvard’s Coronation, since the prince’s father had chosen to abdicate in favor of his son.  Edvard proposed to Paige formally and gave her an engagement ring.

Edvard is Crowned King Edvard III

Paige was given a schedule and official duties and was being prepared by the court to be Edvard’s queen.  At his coronation, Edvard became King Edvard III.  He and Paige danced at the Coronation Ball.  Edvard wanted to be alone with Paige, so they went off by themselves to the Billiards room.  It was then that Paige told him that she could not stay.  She had to go home to follow her dream of going to medical school.  Edvard had to let her go.

Three years went by, and Paige graduated from the University of Wisconsin.  Edvard showed up at her graduation, and told her that he loved her.  He said he would wait for her until she finished medical school and became a doctor.  He still wanted to marry her.

What a beautiful story.  With all the second-rate, graphic, and violent films that are produced today and foisted on the public as entertainment, it was a pleasure to smile through this film for two hours.  Do yourself a favor and watch this film. 

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