Thor: The Dark World(159964)

For fans of Marvel and SCIFI, this movie rocks! I love seeing my favorite comic book character come to life on the big screen.  While this movie may qualify for fanstasy and mythology type of movie, listening to the dialog as they talk about power sources, weapons, and mortality, the science is science base so it'll be covered here.  Besides, the Dark Elves look like ugle aliens to me!!!   

This movie stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Christopher Eccleston, and Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje and is directed by Alan Taylor.  

Credit: Disney Marvel -

 The main plot of the movie is that the convergence or alignment of the 9 realms is happening again as it has done many times in the past, and an ancient evil wants to take advantage of it. Strange things happen like gravity makes everything light and 'portals' appear.  These portals can take you to different places.  Our favorite cast of scientist soon discover one of the portals open up into a distant planet which holds an ancient weapon called the 'Aether' and Jane plays host to it.  Now this is a cosmic event as the ancient enemies of Asgard is awakened who are called the Dark Elves.  The Dark Eleves were the supreme beings before Asgard and are bent on taking back their neiborhood. So Thor with the help his friends must defeat the Dark Elves who are lead by Malekith and somehow get the Aether out of Jane.

The coolest part of the movie was the Battle of Asgard.  The Dark Elves with their Riddick like spaceship assault Asgard.  This scene kinda reminded me of Star Wars with laser cannons firing and ships buzzing by.  I'm guessing that Lucas Films Light and Magic had a play in this but I don't really know.  Asgard had a shield that appeared around the Palace but somehow got taken down by one of the Dark Eleve's fighter ships.  Without telling you much more, let me say I think I would have liked to seen this part in an IMAX theater.   

Okay, while Thor is the main character, I think Loki almost stole the show.  With his wit, sarcasm, and his love-hate relationship with his bro, Loki played by Tom Hiddleston was brilliant!  I would like to see in the future some of the wit and cunning versus the brawn and strength both Thor and Loki must have had as kids.  That might be hilarious.

Thor The Dark World(159968)

A few new gadgets appear in this movie.  I don't know if this one qualifies as a gadgets but by crushing this rather large ampuel, the Dark Elves transform into a super powerful creature known as the Kursed one.  In the past battles between the Dark Eleves and Asgard, these Kursed ones could really kick Thors butt.  Another device that seemed kinda cool was a medical device that could peer into the body and display it in 3D just above the patient for the Doctor to see.  The neat thing about this it appeared that the doctor could operate on the 3D patient and little hands would do the cutting or probing.  This is similar to the Da Vinchi machine operating rooms are using today where the Doctors could use microscopes to look at the operation site and little robotic hands would do the cutting and removing and whatever needs to be done.  The thing is the cuts, slicing, and viewing are at hundreds of times smaller than the human hands and eyes can do manually.  These operations using the Da Vinchi machine are reserved for all but the most delicate of procedures.  

Thor - The Dark World
Credit: Marvel

I really enjoyed this movie.  I didn't think my Wife and Daughter would like to see this movie, but I was wrong.  You see they were planning to go to Pearlridge, a nice mall here in Hawaii which for tourist is cool and no I don't work for them, but I asked possibly hoping they would come.  My Wife said 'Thor 2.  You want to go see it?' with much enthusiam and little bit of delight. With that pause and a look at our daughter, they both said 'Yes'! Now I know they like movies like Joy Luck Club and Magic Mike, but Thor?  Okay there is a scene where Thor or Chris Hemsworth 'washes up' after a battle.  When I turned to see my Wife and Daughter in the theather, they were 'googily eyed' during that scene. Ha, such disrespect.  

Yes, very very recommended movie for dieheart Thor and SCIFI fans. Oh, by the way, stay til the end...