Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Actors:  Kevin Costner plays CIA Agent Ethan Renner; Amber Heard plays the CIA Assassin Vivi Delay; Hailee Steinfield plays Costner’s daughter Zooey Renner; Connie Nielsen plays Costner’s wife/ex-wife, hard to tell; Tomas Lemarqui plays one of the key bad guys known as “The Albino”; Richard Sammel is the primary bad guy named “The Wolf,” the target of the assassin and Costner.

Kevin CostnerCredit: SSgt. Dennis J. Henry Jr. (USAF)

This is not one of Kevin Costner’s best movies. When the film first hit the screens the critics were not impressed. I agree. I usually don’t start a review on a negative note, but there is no other way to look at this flick. However, and there is always a “however,” if you’re a Costner fan, and you want to “kill” a couple hours, it may be something to breakup your afternoon. Costner’s not the problem. The story is so full of holes that it’s hard to buy into.

As I said, I hate to bash a film, but this one is utterly forgettable. No matter how hard Costner tries to pick this plot up it slips through his fingers like sand on the beach. 

A CIA agent at the end of his career, Costner learns he has an aggressive form of cancer; and likely has only a few days before he dies. Costner’s character is offered an experimental cure by a young but ruthless CIA assassin (who looks all of 20 years old); however, it is under the condition that he completes a “hit” she assigns him. That’s part of the screwball element of the plot: why would a CIA professional assassin, one step out of the crib, assign a nearly retired and dying CIA agent to complete an assignation she could do herself faster and cleaner. That reasoning to the plot never makes sense beyond helping to propel the story-line along.

There are a few momentary scenes that offer a little humor, although they are odd and somewhat inconsistent with the story. Costner shoves an informant in the trunk of a car and drives around pulling him out to question him then toss him back in again. He gets to torture a guy. He makes another prisoner give Costner’s daughter a receipt for an Italian meal.

Eventually, Costner continues to pursue the bad guys and we have the usually explosions, gun battles, high-speed chases and then…I better stop here so that I don’t spoil the ending. You might still want to see it and I need to leave you something to look forward to.

Bottom Line

Although, I find this film to be more than a little uncomfortable to watch, with many holes in the story, if you're a Costner fan you still might find some redeeming value in it. There is plenty of action, shoot-outs, car chases, and a few explosions to help overcome the poor script and plot. This might be one of those films you wait until it hits the Cable, Dish or library shelf; at least you won't lose any money on it -- just time to kill.