I'm a big fan of these two wonderful actors: Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. I like how they naturally act in movies they make and I could say that they always make a great job as a team. Blended is their latest movie together and I'm writing my most sincerest review about it. I hope I won't make it ridiculous. (Laughs)

 Jim (Adam Sandler ) and Lauren (Drew Barrymore) are single parents. Jim is a widower and Lauren is divorced. Their story is a living testimony of many single parents that live a miserable life because they need to work things out on their own for them to raise their kids the way they want them to be. Well, that's just the serious side of the story. Watching this film makes me laugh out loud especially the scenes with the kids!


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 I really like how Lauren did the makeover for Jim's girls. It makes me think that it's totally different when a Mom does things for her kids. The movie has also shown animals from the safari which makes it more fun not only for adults but for children to watch. The picture is awesome and I think Sandler-Barrymore movies are always fun that I wanted to see them again and again. After 50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer, and Jack & Jill, Blended is another big laugh offered to the fans of Drew and Adam. Though I think this is not the best rom-com movie I've seen I honestly believe Adam and Drew have a great chemistry which makes their movie worthy of watching to those who would like to be humorously in love. 

 I find Lauren an incredible woman because she finds a way to provide for her boys in spite of being alone as a parent. Meanwhile, Jim is an image of a man longing for someone who will love him and looking for the best replacement of his deceased wife. I guess for every individual in this world, we all have one weakness in common; that is love. Blended has told me that no matter how you ignore feelings, it just sticks to your heart and mind and you wouldn't even notice that you have failed in trying to forget them. I mean you need someone beside you to be happy and content; someone who might be imperfect but is reliable and family-oriented individual that would make things possible if you work together in harmony.

 This is one great stress reliever I guess. Everyone who wants to laugh for a moment should watch this movie. This is a good encouragement for parents out there who are having difficulties in raising their teens and also a perfect preview of married life for those who are planning to be one soon. 


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