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     Curse of the Queerwolf, released in 1988 is an attempt at a satire of LGBT people; implying that being “queer” is in fact a communicable disease that can only be transmitted by the bite of a “Queerwolf”.  Written and directed by Mark Pirro (Director of The God Complex and A Polish Vampire in Burbank) and Starring Michael Palazzolo , Kent Butler of Buford’s Beach Bunnies fame, and Taylor Whitney. This movie sets out, and fails, to both scare us and make us laugh all at the same time; while simultaneously stigmatizing and stereotyping an entire segment of humanity. Which, of course, leads inevitably to violence and death for many LGBT people?

     After being bitten by a Queerwolf, our hero Larry Smalbut (Michael Palazzolo), finds himself having strange nightmares about hillbillies, visits from an old gypsy woman and having weird reactions to the full moon. Plagued by these nightmares, Larry becomes intent on finding out what has happened to him and how to stop it; while the full moon creeps closer.  Attempting to fill the Comedy/Horror genre, this movie only succeeds in making light of, and insulting, millions of people all in one stroke (yes they even manage to insult hillbillies). Clearly homophobic, transphobic and witless, this movie only serves to exploit an already downtrodden and abused part of our society. Set in, of course, San Francisco, this movie sets out to leave no stereotype unturned in this sad rip off of The Werewolf (clearly a classic in its own right).

     The writing is weak for the most part but this movie still succeeds to be clever at parts despite itself. “Even a wrist that is strong, firm and holds up straight by day may become limp when the moon is full and the Queerwolf comes your way”. The acting is even weaker and it is little wonder that the “actors” careers didn’t seem to go anywhere. Plastic and wooden they struggle through their lines like unpaid amateurs (which I think they are) and relatives of the guy who owns the cameras. Whatever they paid the special effects guy was worth it when(if you can sit through this long enough) Larry Smalbut transforms into the Queerwolf! The massive amounts of stereotypical jokes about LGBT are condensed down into just one scene, manifesting itself into the quintessential Queerwolf. The soundtrack is taken from every B movie in the 30’s that no one ever saw.

     Overall, if you do manage to sit through this movie, you will clearly understand why the entire cast and crew should be arrested and charged for a ninety minute long troll of the entire LGBT community; perpetrating sad stereotypes that can not only lead to ridicule, but also violence and death. These people do a disservice to the entire LGBT community and should at the very least be made to apologize for this abysmal attempt at comedy.

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