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Disney’s Frozen starts off with two young princesses; Elsa and Anna. Anna, the younger sister, is eager to wake up her older sister Elsa so that they can play together. It is still dark out though, and Elsa would rather continue sleeping. That is until Anna asks sweetly, “Do you want to build a snowman?” That simple question wakes Elsa up a bit and they run to the great ballroom of the castle to play.

This is where you see Elsa’s magical powers. She is able to turn things to snow and ice, or conjure it forth from nothing with just a gesture of her hand. The colors are beautiful as Elsa turns the ballroom into a winter-wonder-room, and they are both having the time of their lives. Anna is very trusting of her older sister Elsa, and jumps into mid-air believing totally that her sister will not fail to place a snow-pillar beneath her to land on. But when Anna moves too fast, Elsa can’t keep up. Elsa slips and although she tries to put another there for her younger sister to land on, she accidentally zaps her sister.

Anna falls to the snow-covered ground, unconscious. The girls’ parents (the King and Queen) rush in to find this scene. They all move quickly to take young Anna to a tribe of trolls. The leader of the trolls then heals Anna but must erase the knowledge of the incident, as well as her memories of her sister’s magical powers, from her mind. From then on Elsa must remain in the castle and she closes herself off from Anna for her own safety as well as that of her family, namely Anna. But with no memory of what happened Anna is as confused as ever when her sister refuses to answer the door when she comes to sing “Do you want to build a snowman?” Anna grows up all alone as her sister grows up hiding everything about herself and trying to suppress her powers and her emotions. Her bedroom walls ring with the melancholic lyrics “Conceal, don’t feel!”

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The King and Queen have a small part in the film as they unfortunately pass away in a storm at sea, leaving the kingdom of Arendelle to Elsa when she comes of age. It is on her eighteenth birthday that the castle gates finally open and Elsa becomes Queen. The whole city is teeming with joy as they await the ball and the coronation, but Elsa is fearful that she won’t be able to suppress her powers in front of the citizens. Her fears become reality when her younger sister Anna, the princess, comes to her with Prince Hans of the Southern Isles to ask her blessing for them to be married. Elsa refuses to give the blessing because Anna had just met Hans that day and thought that her sister was being naive. How could she allow the princess to marry someone she had known for a mere few hours?

When Anna becomes angry and pulls her Elsa’s glove off Elsa can no longer hold her power back and an extravagant and deadly show of snow and ice comes about, scaring the people of Arendelle. Elsa takes off in a hurry, fleeing from the people and from Anna who is just trying to talk to Elsa. Unable to hold back her power, Elsa leaves the kingdom in an eternal winter that is slowly but surely getting colder by the day. Feeling responsible, Anna must embark on a quest to retrieve her sister and save the kingdom.

Along the way, Anna teams up with the handsome but not-so-classy Kristoff and his best-friend and reindeer Sven, as well as the hilarious living snowman Olaf, who loves warm-hugs and wants nothing more than to see what summer is like.

Frozen is packed with hilarity as the team makes their way to Elsa’s ice castle and after they realize that Elsa will not be so easily persuaded to come back. They must face a creature larger and meaner than the abominable snowman, seek healing from the same trolls that were at the beginning of the movie, and somehow overcome a never ending winter. True love is in the works as well as the suspense builds, the plot twists, and lives hang in the balance. Overall I’d say that this film is a great one to watch with the whole family. It’s got laughs, action and a beautifully original soundtrack and it is quite amazing visually. The film’s underlying lesson is that love is more powerful than fear or anything else and that it can conquer anything. I hope you enjoy the film if you decide to watch it, because it is definitely worth watching.

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