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     Written and directed by Leon Ford, Griff the Invisible is a delightful romp into the often misunderstood world of love, mental health and delusion. The lovable Griff struggles his way though daily life all the while keeping a secret from his co-workers and friends. Only his brother suspects that he is a superhero at night. The savior of the city while no one seems to care. After dark Griff the Invisible battles the forces of darkness and protects the innocent with his super powers. The criminals are afraid of him, the police are looking for him and one of his co-workers is out to get him on a daily basis. The victim of a bully by day, super hero by night, Griff will touch your heart with its ability to win you over like a soft summer breeze. Nominated for a Narcisse Award by the Neuchatel International Fantasy Film Festival 2011 and awarded the AACTA award from the Australian Film institute in 2012 Griff the Invisible is a great family movie with wonderful twists and heartwarming turns that will leave you thinking about the movie long after it's over.

Griff the Invisible, played by Ryan Kwanten (True Blood, Summerland) who brings an incredible innocence and playfulness to the part you find yourself wondering how he can even run like a little boy as all his moves seem childlike in an adult body. Nominated for best actor and winner of the special achievement award for his work in True Blood, Ryan brings is incredible acting skills, his super cute, and his smile to this darkly funny charmer. He brings Griff alive and you fell for his plight in this crazy word. Trying to make sense of his work life and a bully (Toby Schmitz)be must put up with on a daily basis, Griff stumbles from day to day, boring office work during the day and super hero action at night. Ryan is cute, cuddly and lovable in this role; you cannot help but fall for his charm and innocence.

     Melody, Griff's love interest played by Maeve Dermody, is a clumsy, cute and incredibly soft personality that has the same kind of ideosyncrasies  that Griff has. She spends her days working on her crazy scientific theories involving passing through solid object while at night her parents pressure her to marry Griffs brother Tim, played by Patrick Brammall of Upper Middle Bogan fame.  You can immediately tell that the two are doomed as lovers and awkwardly struggle through their dates like nervous teenagers. Maeve is wonderfully soft and approachable in her role as Melody and even manages to be a cute charmer when she is breaking things, the cluts that she is. Only she seems to understand Griff and wants to be near him from the minute she meets him, sensing a kindred spirit of strangeness.

Tim, the workplace bully, is played by Toby Schmitz and he was born for the role. He relishes in torturing poor Griff as he struggles to make it through the work day under the watchful eye of his aging boss who reminds him that he is making a target of himself and is not invisible. A fact you can plainly see as he is bullied relentlessly by is co-worker Tim, played by Toby Schmitz. Tony is the quintessential bully and plays his part beautifully; slamming Griff again and again with jokes and pranks as he tries to make it through his work day.

     Griff the Invisible is a wonderful, witty, charming and lovable film that you will watch again and again as you discover different issues covered during the film. However light hearted, Griff the Invisible also deals with one of societies most misunderstood issues, mental health, and the stigmatization and marginalization of those who suffer from having a viewpoint that differs from most of society. You will find yourself falling for these characters as the story plays out; wishing that Griff would succeed in his mission to become the super hero everyone knows he wants to be. So get some popcorn, pull up a couch and enjoy the most lovable film that you are going to see this year.

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Griff the Invisible
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