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     Written by Austin Bunn and John Krokidas, Kill Your Darlings follows the young life of Allen Ginsberg as he is accepted to college and meets some of the most influential people he will ever meet in his life. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Jason Leigh, the movie explores the young rebellious life of a first year student and his new friends as they explore life, relationships and sexual attraction to people who  you are not supposed to be; given the time, in 1942, when it was perfectly legal to kill a homosexual while defending your honor  as long as you were heterosexual.

     Based on a true story, Kill Your Darlings is a deeply thoughtful and heartfelt exploration  of the lives of three young men trying to define themselves in a world torn by the second world war.  The boys struggle with the heavy questions of life and the dreams of young men boxed in by the rules of academia and sexual propriety. Reminiscent of Robin Williams Dead Poet Society, you find yourself wishing you were a young man brimming with passion and sexuality during one of the most important eras in world history.

     Movie Review: Kill Your Darlings Promo PictureCredit: life of Allen Ginsberg is played by none other than Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame and he delivers a wonderfully deep and passionate performance as the young poet struggling with feelings that are rejected by main stream society.  Daniel brings Allen Ginsberg to life in a superb portrayal that will make you forget there ever was a Harry Potter . Going to places that few actors will go for fear of their sexual identity, Radcliffe dives in to portray the struggles of a young gay man trying to fit in yet confronted by the urge to love those closest to us. Something we are all familiar with in one way or another. Daniel Radcliffe proves he is much more than a child star; with his depth and professionalism you will find yourself a fan of his for very different reasons than watching Harry Potter.

     Ginsbberg's best friend and love interest Lucien Carr is played by Dane DeHaan of Lawless and Lincoln fame.  DeHaan brings his superb talent and vision to his character, not to mention those piercing blue eyes.  He is spectacular in this role; passionate, visionary, smooth and attractive. Perfectly cast and wonderfully executed DeHaan is a must see in this role. You want to be his friend as he works his way thought the pitfalls of college life while balancing a homosexual lover from the past and his own childhood trauma. Plagued by conflict and a strong desire to change the world, Lucien Carr comes to life and you find yourself wishing that you could spend more time with him after the movie is over. I for one will be buying the DVD to add to my personal collection.

     Movie Review: Kill Your Darlings Promo PictureCredit: C. Hall is brilliant in his supporting role as Lucien's obsessed lover from the past. Creative and charismatic he delivers his heart for all of us to see. You can see the pain and longing in his eyes from almost the very first time you meet him. A college professor forced to take a job as a janitor just to be near the one he loves, you can feel his frustration and taste his lack of understanding when it comes to other people feelings.  His obsession will take him to absurd levels and drives him to do things a normal person just would not do.  It will drive him to the brink of death and beyond as he goes after the object of desire no matter what the cost. Only one person consistently stands between him and his dreams.

    Kill Your Darlings is a wonderfully deep exploration of the lives of Allan Ginsberg and his young firebrand friends. The acting is superb, the characters deep and rich, and the story is very well written. You will find yourself wishing you were one of their cohorts as they explore life, literacy and sexuality in their war torn world. I highly recommend Kill Your Darlings for anyone who wants to get a deeper insight into Allen Ginsberg's life and the dark and seductive homosexual underground in the mid 1940's. This is a thinking person's movie and you will find yourself replaying it over and over  in your head in the days following  viewing. You will not be disappointed by this film.

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