Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Film ReelCredit: cory stophlet, 2014

Phenomenal movie that blends that mixes science fiction with science fact; along with the potential of the human mind; a movie that makes you think about your own brain and how much of it you are really using. This movie wants to entertain you, excite you and make you think about – “what if;” a mix of science fiction superpowers with an adventure drama.

This flick is not for everyone; it’s especially well geared for the fans of movies like: Matrix, Resident Evil, Fantastic Four, Underworld, Ghost Rider, Green Lantern as well as any other film that has the human protagonist gaining superhuman abilities through unexpected, unplanned means.  

A Movie with a Message

There is a not-so-subtle message about the potential of improving mankind’s mental and physical capabilities through chemistry; while, at the same time, the dangers how far that could take us – the capacity to lose a human identity.

Memorable Actors

Scarlett Johansson plays the hero – a young woman forced to work as a drug mule for the mob in Taiwan. With threats against her family hanging over her head, Lucy agrees to transport an experimental drug, surgical implanted inside of her abdomen, out of the country. Prior to her flight, events occur that cause the drug package to break open and leaking what should be a deadly dose of the chemicals into her system. Of course she does not die; instead she begins to experience some strange new abilities that serve as a precursor to Lucy’s evolutionary development, unlocking the full potential of her brain.

FMRI Brain ScanCredit: Dr. O. O’Neil, 14 April 2014


Morgan Freeman’s character in the movie tells us that the humans only use 10% of their brain. As Lucy passes that 10% point she develops new abilities to include telekinesis, mind-reading; and that’s only the beginning of her ever-increasing superpowers.

Super Drug

Lucy recognizes the danger if these drugs fell in evil hands so she uses her new powers to find and recover all other samples of the chemicals. Along her journey to recover the drugs she continues to evolve and develop more superhuman capabilities, her knowledge and understanding of the universal mysteries depends, exceeding even the most brilliant scientists.


More on the Actors

Scarlett Johansson delivers a great performance in the lead role. Unfortunately, there are no other memorable performances; even the seasoned actor Morgan Freeman’s character, Professor Samuel Norman is fairly typical of these science fiction flicks. In fact, the Norman character would be forgettable if not for Freeman in the role; in other words, you’ll probably forget the character’s name and just think of the character as Professor Freeman.  

Asian actor Choi Min-sik provides the film’s primary villain named Mr. Kang. His character is also typically performed as a maniacal self-absorbed bad guy. As the film progresses, and Lucy grows, Mr. Kang fades into a forgettable character.

Movie is directed by French filmmaker Luc Besson (also directed The Professional and The Fifth Element).

Final Word

The most memorable aspect for me is the notion of advancing our mental capacity and the possibility of increasing how much of our brain we can use through science (or chemicals). Didn’t Timothy Leary tell us this back in the 1960’s; using LCD as a means of advancing our brains?[2]   

The film runs 90 minutes long and is Rated R for strong violence, disturbing images, and sexuality. It’s definitely worth checking out for all the science fiction fans.