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Director Zack Snyder

Stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon and Russell Crowe

Rating PG13

Genre Action Adventure Fantasy

Man of Steel is another Superman movie, but with a twist all its own. Though lots of DC Comic fans where a little uneasy about how another Superman movie would play out, they like the cast chosen and not too disappointed in the results. This was a film surprisingly good although it created on a narrative told over and over.

Amy Adams (Lois Lane) and Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/Superman) became an on-screen couple with a bit of physical chemistry. These two actors haven’t spent a lot of time on the big screen during their careers, though they shared tons of emotion with moviegoers for this tale. It certainly helps they are both gorgeous people to look at irrespective of their acting skills.

The difference Man of Steel makes over predecessors is sharing more of who the man in the cape really is. The man behind the cape is interesting and deeper than tons of people imagined. There is a great discovery of who his mother and father were as well as the responsibility and emotion felt with the gift he has received.

Henry Cavill is a newcomer to Hollywood, but was able to convey the depth of passion and sentiment felt by the Man of Steel. His love for his birth family and adopted family along with feelings for Lois Lane are all bubbling to the top in this movie. Anguish, happiness and every motion in between are all revealed by director Zack Snyder’s talented eye.

Russell Crowe is wonderful as the star’s father and gives his command performance fans have come to expect. Viewers are unpredictably surprised to find him in more than the beginning of the tale of Clark Kent/Superman. Kevin Costner is the adopted or earth father and compared with Russell Crowe is as docile as a baby. Both were great picks for their respective roles.

Michael Shannon finds he is playing the part of the bad guy once more. This movie does have General Zod as a man you despise, but still understand on a certain level. Revealing who and what he is to Clark Kent only makes the movie goer like the storyline even more. There are several revelations in more than one area of the film all of which only make you enjoy the tale being told even more.

Diane Lane was a little weak for my taste, even though she is playing the role of an older mother figure. As the mother of the strongest man on earth and keeper of the universe, I hoped she would have had a more awe-inspiring character. Of course the actress opposite Russell Crowe as Superman’s birth mother is strong and impressive.

The storyline is pretty much the same when compared to all the other movies based on the same characters with only a few surprises. If you haven’t seen a Superman movie recently it is certainly refreshing to see this one.

In conclusion

More than half of fans of the character have been gracious enough to share a review the film after seeing it and admitted they appreciated it. Another experience or sharing of this tale was in the cards based on all the other movies being created and distributed by Warner Bros and DC Comics based on these types of comic characters.

The CGI or computer generated imagery adds to the story and was not over the top. Congratulate the creators of Superman’s world or birth planet on a job more than well done.

If you haven’t already seen the film, see it. Fans of Superman will appreciate it. It is certainly a movie for all ages and family oriented regardless of the PG13 rating.