A lesson in doing what you love, no matter what.

In the mid 90s, a drunken homeless man, Craig Castaldo, walked up to another desperate man begging on a New York street. Surprisingly enough, the desperate man was not at all interested in Craig's help. He actually just wanted Craig to go away. Craig walked off offended knowing that he would have at least made small talk to a fellow homeless man offered him some help. As he moved out of the way, his rage grew stronger. The desperate man on his knees was actor Bruce Willis trying to portray a homeless person for a scene in his latest movie. In between takes Craig got his revenge by shouting profanity at Willis in an Irish accent.

This is when Radioman fell in love with cinema.

The documentary, Radioman follows the previously homeless man who today spends his time on a bike in New York in search for the next movie shoot. Radioman or  ‘Radio’ for short (since he is always seen with a radio around his next) has freatured in over 100 New York movies. Some famous directors see him as a part of New York backdrop. Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg or Ron Howard are a few of the directos that gladly welcome him to their sets to appear in the background of their films. In recent years, he has gained more and more air time and in some cases even a few lines.

George Clooney, Robin Williams and Meryl Streep appear in the documentary and share their stories of how they met Radioman. But just becasue you are a star does not mean that Radio will want as a friend. Radio only befriends the best, which he shares as he is about to have his first encounter with fairly recent start Robert Pattinson.  

Despite knowing the rich and famous, his chosen life (of living in a small run-down appartment together with his dead mother's belogings) sometimes comes at a price. The police and other authorities have repetedly intervened in Radio's life and his unlikley story has at times not worked to his advantage. However, his extreme choices in life and big heart bring the New York movie scene down-to-earth. Something that they seem to appreciate. 

All in all, Radioman tells the unlikely story a homeless man that becomes a friend of the big stars, but still opts for a humble life and refuses to compromise his true personality.