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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are great actors. We love them for their movies and TV series! They have that very natural talent for romantic comedy entertainment. Their good looks – just a plus! This July 18, 2014, the 100 minute movie was seen in different cinemas in the United States. Of course, being the Romantic Comedy geek that I am, I had tickets reserved the week before. So here’s my 2 cents.

Based on the title, obviously, this movie is about the very big issue with Sex Tapes. Well, we all have sex (I mean, I take it that everybody who is interested to watch this movie has had some), but the thing is, it is indeed a big scandal if other people would see you actually doing the deed! That’s a big fear for a lot of people.

The first thing I noticed about the movie is that it was directed by Kasdan yet it wasn’t so ‘Kasdan’. I was disappointed, to say the least. When you go watch a Kasdan film, you expect something different or something out of the box. In this movie, however, he failed to think out of the box and instead, went for the typical plot – a college love turned marriage that lost its romance. It’s very typical indeed! Kasdan even put in some effort in creating scenes for when the couple was still in college to deliver the message that they did have a lot of sex way back!

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One thing that I found very funny about the plot is how stupid the main male character is to actually let a video like that leak and through an Apple application, really? In addition to this, it was actually proven that it’s impossible for this to happen according to an article published by GQ.

I am a big fan of jokes thus, my love for the romantic-comedy movies such as Sex Tape. However, there are lots of very broad jokes in this movie, which at a point I loved however, this was a very nice opportunity to get into the juicier issues about this very pressing matter that happens a lot in the society. It was a big opportunity to make a movie that will explain to the society the bearing of sex tapes and how it affects the people involved.

Well, overall, I was entertained. I guess I was just expecting too much since it was about a very interesting topic. I mean, we’re talking about something that happens everyday but no one dares to face. But that doesn’t mean that the whole 100 minutes was a complete waste of time. It’s actually a very nice film. If you want a good laugh, go ahead and watch it.  

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