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   Written by Zal Batmanglij, Brit Marling and directed by Zal Batmanglij the East takes us on a eco-terrorist adventure starring Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood, Generation Kill) and Brit Marling(Another Earth, Sound of my voice) who deliver spectacular performances as the two principal characters in the movie.  Brit Marling plays Sarah, an operative for a private intelligence firm hired to infiltrate an eco-terrorist group that carries out operations against major corporations that fail to comply with environmental standards, resulting in the deaths of many unsuspecting people who fall prey to the deadly chemicals and pollutants' spewed into the environment on a daily basis.

  Brit Marling is brilliant as Sarah, taking us into the murky depths of the unknown world of eco-terrorism.  Cleverly infiltrating a terrorist cell, she quickly gains the trust of the cell members and begins to participate in the planning for operations against the global polluting giants.  She becomes conflicted about her role as an environmental operative and her feelings for Benji (Alexander Skarsgard) and the rest of the terrorist cell. She learns the emotional and economic price to be paid by innocent people for the profits of the large corporations who fail to comply with environmental standards.

     Alexander Skarsgard is strong and powerful in his role as Benji, the leader of the terrorist cell. His love for the environment and passion for what he does comes through strong and clear as Alexander brings this character to life.  His acting skills are only matched by his incredible good looks and sex appeal.  Like many of the famous actors that hail from Sweden, he is poised to take over the silver screen and capture the hearts and minds of western audiences.  He brings all his magic to The East and it comes through the screen in spades. Cool, smoldering and magnetic, he carries the movie to its fateful end. Bringing us closer to finding out whether  or not the love between Benji and Sarah will carry them through to their destinies. The screen smolders with the sexual tension between the two and will keep audiences glued to the screen in breathless anticipation as the plot plays out.

   Benji and Sarah set out, with the help of the other members of the terror cell, to perform acts of eco-terror in order to wake the public up about what is being introduced into the environment and to punish those who are responsible for the atrocities committed on our lovely blue planet. The East is a tension filled thriller that will have you guessing what will happen next.  Brit Marling(Sarah) works for a large private intelligence agency run by Sharon (Patricia Clarkson) who delivers a strong role as the patriarch of the private spy agency.  Sarah has spent nine months studying The East and its terrorist activates in order to infiltrate the group successfully, under the careful tutelage of her boss and mentor Sharon.

     However as the movie plays out Sarah becomes more and more sympathetic toward  The East and its members. Raising a lot of moral questions and letting the audience decide as to which side to take. The East does not try to manipulate us into deciding one way or another. We see things through Sarah's eyes and she begins to struggle with the moral ambiguities of the industrial world. They are fighting for the right cause but doing it in the wrong way.  The East has a heavy political eco-friendly message and the performances of the cast are very strong and believable. Overall a tense, inspiring movie that takes the audience into the desperate world of an eco-terrorist group.

Grade: B+

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