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Cast: Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Natalie Portman (Jane Foster), Tom Hiddleston (Loki)

Chris Hemsworth
Credit: Benjamin Ellis: Creative Commons Share-Alike v. 2.0

Thor makes another appearance on Earth, in Thor 2; The Dark World.  If it only seems like Thor likes to visit Earth when something bad has or is about to happen, you would probably be right.

In this installment of a Marvel Comics staple, the universe is about to end!

Jane Foster stumbles into some dark energy, but lucky for her, Thor is there to save her.

Thor: The Dark World
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The basis of this movie takes place in the past when Bor clashed with the Dark Elf Malekith.  After his likely defeat, Malekith escapes with a few of his posse and they "live" in suspended animation until we get to the present day.  

Bor, the father of Odin, takes the Dark Elf's weapon (the Aether) and stores it in a giant stone column somwhere in one of the nine realms.

Meanwhile, in London, Jane Foster and her intern stumble across a warehouse, only to find some very strange happenings.  And, this is where Jane Foster manages to get herself into trouble.  Due to the convergence of the nine realms, portals are appearing all over the place.  Jane manages to pass through a portal that leads her straight to where the Aether is being stored.  This somewhat magical substance then attaches itself to Jane.

After some various twists and turns, Thor determines that he needs to have the Aether drawn out of Jane and destroy it.  Thor and Loki devise a plan to fool Malekith.  Unfortunately for them both, the Aether is not easily destroyed and Malekith is able to take control of it.

Malekith plans to destroy the universe so the Dark Elves can return to power.  However, Thor and Jane Foster have other ideas about that.  Using scientific instruments and Thor's brute strength they are able to eventually transport Malektih back to his home planet where his badly destroyed spaceship crushes him.

The movie in general had no shortage of excellent special effects.  While the plot line was exciting, there was little doubt as to the outcome.  There were, however, some great twists revealed in the mid-credit scenes.  But I think you should watch the movie to find out about those.

Overall, because I am a huge Avengers fan and because my son loved the movie, I rate it at four stars.  As always, the Marvel movies are great for kids and adults alike.

Thor 2; The Dark World Drew Brannan 2014-02-07 4.0 0 5