Transformers 4 Age of Extinction

When news came out that Transformers 4 was being made, every fan got all excited! That includes me, of course! I am a big fan of the first 3 films and as soon as this was scheduled to play at my local cinema, I immediately reserved tickets online. I watched the film in anticipation as I am a huge Transformers fan even when I was little. Here is a quick descriptive review without any spoilers about what I thought of the film (because I know you guys hate spoilers).

First off, and I think the most important thing that I want to address to all of you is Transformers 4that the effects put me into a trance. My eyeballs were popping out and I couldn’t stay on my seat, literally! Yes, the effects were that amazing! Michael Bay, hands down to you on that one. *Slow Clap, everybody!*

This, by far, is the longest instalment of all of Transformer movies. With up to 3 hours of action packed fun, you would think that you would get your money’s worth. But don’t get your hopes up just yet. Though it may be long and with a simple yet complicated plot, it isn’t the best Transformers movie. I would say that Michael Bay was focusing more on the technicalities rather than on the flow of the story (don’t worry, no spoilers here). I guess it’s safe to say that after the success of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, it was pretty hard to pick it up from where they left off. It seemed like he was not quite sure where to go with it. The scriptwriter, Kruger, did not compliment his talents as a director. I really would have wished there was a different plot inside all those expensive effects! It was pretty much barely comprehensible.

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One thing I noticed, which I thought was pretty funny is that Nicola Peltz, the female lead, did not do anything (anything significant, for that matter). She was just being rescued over and over again with Mark Wahlberg. Are you guys missing Megan Fox by now? I have to admit, I do. Moreover, I miss the charisma Shia LaBeouf brings to the films as well.

Also as the trailers have already given it away, an appearance of the Dinobots was pretty damn cool which brought back childhood memories of the old Transformers cartoon. However, these Dinobots look extremely awesome and I was actually waiting for a shout of "Godzilla!" in one of the scenes that was shot in a asian city but alas they didn't go there!

If you ask me, I think all the effects and mechanical metamorphoses on this film will make a sequel unnecessary. I doubt however the Transformer franchise will stop at this point as this film sets itself up for another instalment, but who knows.

In conclusion I give it 3 out of 5 stars entertaining but I am going to say it had too many explosions and effects with a mediocre plot. It is awesome, because it is TRANSFORMERS. You should see it for yourself, you know, just because you watched the first three.

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