Police Line
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 Directed by Robert Schwentke and written by a team of well seasoned writers: Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi and David Dobkin. R.I.P.D. follows the story of a recently deceased police officer as he joins the ranks of the undead police officers in the Rest In Peace Department. Whose sole talk is to apprehend and return souls that have somehow managed to remain on earth after death.  Released in 2013 and starring Jeff Bridges (Roy), Ryan Reynolds (NIck), Kevin Bacon(Hayes) and Mary-Louise Parker as Proctor. The movie takes place in modern day Boston and delivers the feel of a hard hitting cop drama with both wit and humor.

     Roy and Nick start of on a rocky road to become partners as the hard bitten, cowboy out of place Roy contends with Nicks modern way of thinking.  Roy is from another time and place, when things were simpler and criminals were understood. A man out of time, thrust into the modern world. Nick(the rookie) having many years of police work when he was alive now is the newbie to the undead world of the R.I.P.D. Having to contend with being recently deceased, his former life and how he is going to deal with this "new situation".

Jeff Bridges(Iron Man, The Big Lebowski) delivers a stunning and strangely humorous Roy to the big screen. A cowboy sheriff from a long dead age when justice was delivered at the end of a pistol and the whiskey doubles as paint thinner.  His endless one liners bring some well needed comedy relief to this clash between Men in Black and Ghost Busters. Jeff Bridges "Roy" comes to life with comedic resonance and Colonel Sanders Goatee! Delivering a wonderful performance as Nicks partner and brining depth and breadth to the movie. Jeff has been around a long time and has performed in many movies. His experience in front of the camera allows him to bring his charm and whit to a delightful movie.

     Ryan Reynolds(Green Lantern, Buried, Safe House) is so cute in this role it's hard to see his angst at being murdered before his time, landing him in an afterlife that he was not quite hoping for. His serious, yet campy, performance makes you want to fall in love with the character, or at least, have him fall in love with you. You watch as he developes from a newbie to the force to a smart, slick officer of the R.I.P.D. Ryan is a consumate professional and this movie allows him to showcase his talents and good looks!

Kevin Bacon(Mystic River, Apollo 13) is fantastic in his role playing Nicks former partner who is affectionately called only Hayes. His character drives the plot forward with bursts of devilishly clever acting and anecdotes and you never know what his motivations are until our oddly matched partners discover a rather "soul sucking" plot that can really put a crimp in a person's day; dead or alive.

     R.I.P.D. is a very interesting, visually delightful way to spend a Friday evening with the family. Entertaining for both children and adults, this movie will bring your family together in a very heartwarming way. The movie explores crime and the afterlife; implying that justice goes on even after death. Something  to ponder as you enjoy this delightful movie. The actors deliver top notch performances and really bring a lot of class to the R.I.P.D.

R.I.P.D. Mic Spicer 2013-10-24 4.0 0 5
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