Medical Examiner Dr. David Krane (Ray Liotta) cannot walk down the street with his two little girls without passers-by pointing fingers and whispering.  Dr. Krane was not charged with the murder of his wife due to a technical error on the part of a detective.  He now spends his time planning how to find his wife’s killer.

As part of his work, Dr. Krane attended a forensic lecture given by Dr. Martha Briggs (Linda Fiorentino) whose research on memory could possibly help Dr. Krane with his own personal research.  He makes an appointment to visit Dr. Briggs in her University Lab to learn more about her discoveries.

                                Ray LiottaCredit: Wikimedia

                                                                Ray Liotta - Wikimedia

David Krane was given a demonstration by Dr. Briggs whereby the CSF (Cerebrospinal Fluid) of one rat, who had successfully maneuvered his way through a maze, was injected into the blood of another rat who had been unsuccessful. Having absorbed the memory of the first rat, the second rat was finally successful in making his own way through the maze.

If this seems preposterous, it probably is.  Even more preposterous is the idea that the experiment could possibly work on humans.  David Krane is willing to give it a try, although Martha Briggs is reluctant to take this step until she has done further research.  The injection has the possibility of giving a human a heart attack since 30% of the rats in the experiment have died from this cause.

No problem.  David manages to purloin his wife’s cerebrospinal fluid from the Police Lab where he works, and with the aid of a Nitroglycerin tablet, he believes that the danger of a heart attack is eliminated.  The experiment is successful.  His wife’s memory of her last moments are transferred to David’s memory, and he has a glimpse of the culprit who was with her during that time.

                                                Peter CoyoteCredit: Wikimedia Commons

                                                                Peter Coyote - Wikimedia

Martha Briggs is disturbed that David has used her untried experiment and insists that she must remain with him at all times, to insure that he does not experience heart problems.  It appears that a love interest could develop here, but no, this is strictly a business proposition.  Sad for Martha, since Ray Liotta is one of the handsomest actors on the scene today. 

The viewer is taken through a series of red herrings (misleading clues) which had me befuddled a great deal of the time.  I was certain that one particular character was the killer; I was mistaken.

With the reluctant help of Martha Briggs, David injects into himself the cerebrospinal fluid of several people other than his wife.  Some were innocent victims, some were criminals.  Each time, he comes closer to the truth when he takes on the memory of persons connected to his wife’s murder.

At this point, you may decide that the film is not worth watching.  It is, in fact, a psychological thriller which forces you to stay until the bitter end.  The actors themselves appear to believe everything that is happening, which might encourage you to take that stance. 


Kim CattrallCredit: Wikimedia Commons

                                                                Kim Cattrall - Wikimedia

 Ray Liotta is aided in his quest by several prominent actors.  Peter Coyote always gives a good account of himself.  Linda Fiorentino, I am not familiar with, but she did a creditable job with a secondary role.  You may remember Kim Cattrall from “Sex in the City.”  They all tried their very best with an implausible script.

The film did not do much to advance the careers of these famous actors.  Several reviews panned the project.  I would join this group to say that the film “Unforgettable” is actually forgettable.

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