‘Even when God refuses to help a person, an honest friend truly can.’ One can truly abridge the entire plotline of the film with this sentence.  The King’s Speech was the major winner of the 83rd Academy Awards Ceremony.  It won 4 Academy Awards: the best picture, best director, best actor and the original screenplay.  

The story of the film is deeply moving in itself.  Colin Firth (King George VI) halfheartedly takes the throne after the death of his father and the resignation of his elder brother.  Although he is good at his role as monarch and handling his royal responsibilities, he suffers from a speech disability.  Leading a country which is on the verge of war it becomes a great challenge for the king to reunite his fellow countrymen and ensure that their king is not only a responsible person but an effective leader as well who can sway and rally his subjects behind the flag. 

Besides Firth, Geoffrey Rush (as the speech therapist Lionel) and Helena Bonham Carter (as the queen) also played their roles exceptionally well.  It is quite an achievement for The King’s Speech to best all the other best picture nominees at the 83rd Academy Awards which consisted of strong contenders like The Social Network, The Fighter and Toy Story 3.  Part of the credit for its critical acclaim is the ability of its story and its cinematic protrayal to strike a strong emotional feeling within us.  The story does not deal only with a king fighting his disability, but it is also about a man who learns to dominate his fears for a cause much larger than himself.      

Geoffrey Rush does justice to his role as a strong supporter not only of a king but a patient/friend who does not understand his worth.  His role clearly reveals that in most of the cases your patient does not like sympathy but wish to have the empathy.   This unique speech instructor reveals that with much patience and persistent support to the patient it is definitely feasible to treat even a major disability.  All you are required is to be clear in your thoughts and work with the mutual trust.

Helena Bonham Carter is truly sublime in her performance of a responsible and caring wife who only wants the happiness of her husband.  


This is truly a great work from director Tom Hooper and a deserving winner of the Oscar for Best Picture for year 2011.     

The King's Speech
Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/filmonix/5485264778/Filmonix via Flickr