How to entertain bored kids these holidays

If you’re tired of your kids sitting around home doing nothing, then this article is perfect. Here is an awesome activity that will entertain, enthral and delight kids of any age. School holidays are a great time to spend with your children but every now and again we run out of things to do; if it’s raining or you think you’ve tried everything, there is always a way to keep the kids and yourself happy these holidays. Here I will run you through how you can make a movie with your kids.

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Make a Movie!

Kids are in their prime creative state when they are young and that means they have plenty of ideas for the next Hollywood block buster- or at least your house hold’s next block buster! Kids love role play and catching it on camera is even better. This will take some patience, but it is worth seeing the smiles on your kid’s faces at the finished product; besides, the movie will be hilarious to pull out when the kids are grown up!

Step 1: Brainstorm

Brainstorm some ideas with the kids. Get a nice large piece of paper and some felt tips and start getting ideas from the kids. Have them write down some of their favourite movies and ask what they would like to see on the big screen. Give them ideas and lots of encouragement. Perhaps you could film them re-enacting a famous moment in history like the moon landing! Or maybe they would like acting out their favourite scene from Finding Nemo or another of their favourite movies. The options are endless.

Step 2: Create a storyboard

Again, have the kids play an active role in this. Now that you have a basic premise for the movie, divide a page into 6 or so boxes and begin to plan what the scenes are going to be. This is a great opportunity for kids to show off their drawing skills and exercise their ideas.

How to make a storyboard

Step 3: A script

You can help the kids come up with dialogue, but this is often the most fun of all as the kids may sometimes make up the words as they go. This is the most entertaining form of script writing and will give you memories for life! If the kids are having trouble remembering what to say, you can hold a piece of paper just off camera while filming and allow them to read it like a teleprompter. If they aren’t quite at reading level yet, a little whisper won’t go amiss.

Step 4. Lights, Camera, Action!

Get a camcorder, iPad or even a webcam and start filming. Have the kids tell you what is to be filmed and when, making sure they follow the guidelines they set. This helps their analytical and planning skills; responsibility of this sort is great character building for kids. Make sure the kids are having fun and if tensions on set get a bit high, a quick sandwich break is ideal.

Step 5: Edit

This step is optional; you can get a free trial for an editing program or buy the software on the internet easily. Editing the footage is always allot of fun and the kids can help pick music and a title for the film


Step 5: The premiere

This is the best part! By the end of the day you have a completed film and some great memories; you can now sit back with the whole family and enjoy the fruits of your labour. The kids will love seeing themselves on the big screen and pop corn is a great way to enjoy the feature

So there is a great way to spend those boring days of the holidays. It’s great for the whole family to get involved and the great thing about film is that it’s around for ever.

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