Secret Window has in its favour:-

A decent plot.

Johnny Depp, if you are a fan.

A well written script.

Enough about it to keep the viewer watching till the bitter end.

That Stephen King touch, to it.


May be too mild for some horror fans

Full Review

I happened to watch this film almost by accident. As usual I was channel hopping around yet another evening of television dross, in the hope of finding something both entertaining and a little different, when I discovered the film 'Secret Window'. I have to say that, for me, it fitted both of those requirements perfectly.

Adapted from a Stephen King novel, Secret Window has a mysterious and tense plot. I do not like horror films, as they are just not my thing, but I rather enjoy tense thrillers.

This film was released in 2004 and stars Johnny Depp in the lead role of Mort Rainey. The fact that Mr Depp stars in this film, to my mind, gives it a head start in my ratings. I love Depp's quirky style and he has starred in many admirable films.

The plot centres around the somewhat strange and solitary figure of Mort Rainey. He is a successful writer but, at present, he is going through a rather acrimonious divorce. This has left him holed up at a cabin, away from any hustle and bustle. However, this means that hehas been spending far too much time with himself and his thoughts.

A sudden visit from a stranger throws him into a torment, as the stranger accuses Mort of plagiarising a book of his. A series of particularly nasty events begin and death is in in the air. Who is this strange visitor? How far will he go in attempting to force Mort to prove that the book is actually his own work?

I will not spoil the plot. If you think it sounds interesting check the film out.

I really enjoyed this film and was not quite sure where the plot was leading the viewer. Towards the end I guess I did have an idea what the ending may be, but the film still had a few surprises and the odd nasty unexpected jump.

There was nothing too excessive in this film, as far as horror and gore goes, so, if you are a wimp like me as far as Horror movies go, you should still enjoy Secret Window. However, if you like your films the bloodier the better this film may disappoint you somewhat.

Secret Window is 96 minutes long and is PG rated in the UK for violence, terror, sexual content and bad language. However, perhaps it is just me, but I did not think any of the above were too explicit or excessive. Of course, watching on TV means that some elements could have suffered from a censors cut.

In Closing

So in summing up all I can say is that I would recommend this film as good viewing. It seems to have all the right elements that make a good film. It is sufficiently tense at times, strange and eerie.

Despite there being periods when the only character in the scene is Mort, and his thoughts, the film never drags but rather leads the viewer compulsively along to its conclusion.