Denzel Washington


Like "The Book of Eli", it is a message of what humankind can become, if it will just let itself.


Also like "The Book of Eli", "Serenity" has the cannibalistic aspect of what mankind will do to survive.

Full Review

As the title implies this will be this authors opinion of the movies that should be or will become classics but are not already listed in that genre. One that has just come out in DD is "The Book of Eli" Although it reminds one of the King's version of "The Stand" it goes beyond with its flat, apocalyptic scene of grayness and the reality people will face when there is no food and no ability to grow any food. The earth has become barren and the people have become monsters. Except for one man. One man with a mission from God. Eli says God spoke to him and told him what to do to get the "Book" safe. Eli has been walking west for thirty years, always protected, always shown the path, always walking. When he comes to a desert town that has water and a water baron who is looking for exactly the book Eli id carrying, the action begins to get really violent. Other than the violence, which you cannot have in an apocalyptic world, the two worlds collide. Eli is destined to carry the book West to a place where it will be kept safe forever and the water baron want s the book for the power of the words it will hold over the masses of poor and desperate people. It is a poetic movie, a movie that grips your morale fiber and makes you think. It is a philosophical movie. Eli says once in the movie that the book was burned because people thought it words were what had caused the war itself. In the end, there is a Hitchcock type twist that leaves you smiling and hope once again comes back into the world. Just as in "the Wizard of Az, which starts out black and white, this movie ends in color with all peace and belief in the goodness of humanity restored. A definite must see and own movie for our generation and ones to come.

One other movie that should be added to the list is Serenity. Again, the world itself is in peril but humankind has taken to the stars to try to create a perfect world. Something went wrong and the political regimen of the time covered it up. One young girl has the memories of that long ago planet and its destruction inside her mind. In trying to create a perfect killing machine, a perfect soldier with the girl, science opened the floodgates one her memories and she becomes highly unstable. She has a brother who loves her though and he rescues her and tries to keep her safe. Into the mix come a raggedy mix of ex patriots and a sky ship in much need of multiple repairs. Its captain has become jaded by the previous war and is now a mercenary, carrying, buying, and selling cargo to the highest bidder. What makes the movie so much fun is the language itself. It has a dole sense of humor and plenty of action to keep one entertained. Best of all, it is also a didactic tale and has a message.

In Closing

All in all these are my two favorite movies of the moment and two that I watch repeatedly, seeing and learning something new every time. They are this author's opinion of what makes a movie a classic and I fully expect both to hold up to that genre in the future!