Satisfation from movies based on books

If I say that it's becoming a trend to make movies on books, it won't be wrong.If we look around we will find most of the popular movies are based on books loved by people.Is it good or bad? not easy to answer.Plus the answer lies somewhere in between.

The person who has read the book finds it fascinating to be turned into a movie.He watches the characters moving, being given a shape, by the movie.It is entertaining to see the words turned into images.Yet, people say it is alot less charismatic than the book.The whole story is shortened, many scenes are cut, and the movies often fail to capture the feelings and emotions that were present in the book.It cannot be said about all of the movies that are based on books, but it happens more or less in every case.

By comparing the movie and the book, which one is better also depends upon the TYPE and NATURE of the content.There is a certain type of content that is better described by the moving images than the words.Examples are Harry Potter, Narnia, Twilight, Alice in wonderland, and many other such books that are turned into movies.While the movies like Wuthering Heights, The last song, Dear John, and other such books are not fully justified as the stories are shortened to make the 2-3 hour movies.

The bright side of the picture is that the authors and the stories get recognition in the eyes of the people who are not fond of reading.There are many people who would not even know the name of Wuthering Heights, or The Last Song, if they had not watched the movies.Authors and the books gain alot more popularity this way.And in a few cases people who were previously not aware of the books, read the books after watching the movies.Most of the people do that to get to the depth of the story.But in one way or another movies help in making the books more popular among the general public.

Plus, they also help in making the people realise the value of the classics.The movie Wuthering heights, though compressed, received alot more attention of the general public.The movie revolves around the characters that ruin each other lives though they are madly in love.The book takes alot of time to read, but the movie shows the more compressed but yet, the more important events.

While the books like Harry Potter, Narnia, and Twilight though compressed, are well described by the movies.As the concepts held in the books needed graphical representation, the movies really helped the books and authors in gaining popularity in the public.

Twilight and it's sequels have gain the popularity that would not have been earned by the words alone.Especially the youth seems to be in love with the vampire romance.Though again the story is shortened in each sequel, yet the author is more than happy with the mounting popularity of her work.One cannot regret the idea of making movie on this book.The youth is going crazy for the actors.The vampire concept is well justified by the movie, and the special effects are great and worth a good appraisal.

In short, it can be said that the movies based on books do help the authors in gaining recognition for their superb work.They even help in making people interested in reading those books, and help in improving the reading habits of the people.