Can I Stream It? Video Streaming Search Engine

Finding movies on demand to stream is a hard thing to do on the internet. First you might check Netflix to see if you can get it there since you’re already paying for that subscription. Then you might go check out Amazon, Vudu, and others until you find a place to stream the movie you want, or after all that searching you might just find out that the movie you want to stream hasn’t even been released yet for streaming on demand.


CanIStream.It is a really useful website that enables you to find movies on demand with as little hassle as possible.

Can I Stream It? Video Streaming Search Engine ResultsCanIStream.It lets you see if a movie is available to stream for free, or as part of a subscription service on sites such as Netflix, Hulu, or Crackle. You can see if it is available to stream on demand as a rental with services such as Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play. More results include purchasing the movie as a digital download, ordering a DVD or Blu-ray, and results for XFinity users have also been added.

Using CanIStream.It

Using CanIStream.It to find movies on demand to stream is really easy. All you have to do is type the movie want to watch into the search box and in a few seconds you will know if the movie you want to watch is available for streaming, and where. Search results also include embedded Rotten Tomatoes rating so you can decide if the movie you’re searching for is really the movie you want to watch.

Can I Stream It? Video Streaming Search Engine iPhone AppApps

Aside from its web-based app CanIStream.It also offers free apps for both Apple and Android devices so that you can easily find movies on demand on your phone too.

Coming Soon

Another great feature coming to CanIStream.It is the ability to search for TV shows in the same way that you can search for movies on CanIStream.It.

Short Comings

I wish that CanIStream.It included at least a short synopsis of each film in the search results. This would be especially helpful when you are searching for a film you aren’t exactly sure what the title is.


Other than that CanIStream.It is a simple easy to use site that gets you the info that you want quickly and easily. No more spending fifteen to twenty minutes to find out if you can stream a movie somewhere on the internet, just a quick search, and enjoy.