The old heavyweight directors are making a comeback out of the woodwork's, now with future movies that may yet again revolutionize the movie industry since Avatar. I'm sure James Cameron thinks of himself as the movie god at this moment in time, and can you blame him for the last 2 movies he has directed made billions and are the number one number two movie in biggest box office sales ever?

 It is interesting to think about, the next coming years when avatar 2, and possibly third installment of the movie and to see  how much those can potentially earn. However the one I'm really curious about is "Battle Angel Alita", unfortunately this will be around half a decade until we might even see the light of day of when the movie is made. That has the potential to be an eye candy, that would redefine the word candy. For those that do not know what i am talking about. "Battle Angel Alita" is about a cyborg woman found at a scrapyard by a doctor who builds her back to functioning form, only to find out she has lost all her memories, with the exception of only remembering the martial arts "panzer kunst" which eventually leads her to become a hunter type warrior bounty hunter. Yes i agree to those thinking this is easy male storyline, but the Japanese manga story is very well written and drawn, one would be surprised how rich the content is, and to have Cameron be able to pull this off would be amazing. James Cameron said, he intended to do both Avatar and Battle Angel Alita at the same time, but felt Alita needs to be more advancement in technology to fully be realized in his image, and the blueprint would be Avatar movie itself, so if you were amazed by Avatar then definitely have your eyes set out on this movie in the future, as it aims to be Camerons masterpiece.

 Another is "Prometheus", which is directed by the great Ridley Scott, which is supposed to be the prequel to iconic Alien movie, going more into detail of the Xenomorph origins. The creative process has now been in complete hands of Ridley Scott and this movie has the potential to truly shine. Something to look out for. They are also using 3-D technology as used on Camerons Avatar movie, also using grading processes to improve imagery.

 There are many international foreign films, that are being plucked by Hollywood these days, so its imperative to those movie goers that love to see something different, innovative ideas, that the rest of the world has to offer, go seek film festivals and see the creative minds at work.