Should You Use a Moving Blanket? - Moving can be stressful no matter how you look at it. All your worldly possessions will be running down the highway in the back of a truck or van depending on how much you own and are trying to move. Organizing as much of the move as you can is a better way to make sure that all your worldly possessions show up at the other end in good shape. You want them to survive the trip.

If you are moving yourself, and packing a rented moving truck yourself, then you are not only going to need cheap moving supplies, but you are going to need a moving blanket or two or ten! You are going to want to pack as much as possible into boxes, to keep things from rolling around.

Moving blankets are a great way to protect the furniture as it goes in the truck. Everything else is most likely packed into boxes, but there will always be those loose items, such as the furniture and lamps etc. But many of the moving blankets you can rent can be dirty and dingy looking. Yes they will protect things but sometimes they come out of that truck a bit smelly.

One of the best types of moving blanket I have used, is those cheap polyester quilts you can buy. If you already have a few around the house, then use them to cover your furniture etc. But if you don't have very many, instead of buying new ones. Head to the reuse store, thrift store or second hand store.

I usually find there is a bin fill with these slightly used polyester quilts. Many can be as large as queen size. People tend to change these out quite often as they are cheap to buy, and then they end up in the reuse or thrift store selling for cheap.

So, pick up a few of those, and you can use them as a moving blanket. They are quilted which helps to protect things from being chipped and bumped around. We used one on our TV, it did the trick.

When you get to the other end, you are now thinking "great, now what do I do with all these puffy bulky quilts that I don't want anymore?" Now you wash them if you can, and you are now going to take them to the local homeless shelter, donation center, or reuse center. Find a charity in your area that is looking for warm blankets and quilts.

If you can't find any of these cheap quilts, then you can usually find cheap sleeping bags. When opened up, these do a wonderful job of protection larger items. Just be careful of the zipper. When done with these, there are many charities that collect used sleeping bags for the homeless and other charities that need warm bedding and blankets.

This way you managed to move everything and it arrived in one piece, and be able to help your local charity at the same time. So, before you rent the moving blanket or blankets off of the moving company or rental truck company, consider purchasing them at the thrift store.

If you have enough notice before moving, then you can find all these cheap moving supplies quite quickly. Moving is expensive enough, with the truck rental, you don't need to be spending hundreds on all the moving packing supplies that are needed to get from point A to point B.

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