Moving can be stressful no matter how organized, but here are the top 5 ways to make moving day easier for everyone involved.

Start Early - Once a moving day has been decided, mark it on the calendar and use this as the countdown.  At least 4-6 weeks before the move date is when you will start the steps to making your move a bit easier.

Start a "To Do" List of things you need to do for the move and then break them down into weTop Five Ways to Make Moving Day EasierCredit: morguefile.comekly chores that you can scratch off the list.  You can also transfer this list to the calendar to stay on top of the chores. 

Make sure and organize your truck and your help, or setup an appointment for the moving company.  These things need to be done as early as possible.  The more organized you are the better you will feel about the move.

Organize Boxes - It is well worth paying for good boxes.  The stress of having to run all over town trying to find empty boxes and packing materials can be enough to drive anyone nuts and it will take that much longer to pack.  You know you will end up with all kinds of mis-matched boxes or different sizes, and some will maybe hold one thing if you are lucky and make the truck harder to pack. 

I have found, that if you are going to be moving yourself and not hiring anyone to pack then you should source the cheapest boxes you can get but of uniform size.  This all depends on how much stuff you have to move as well, but one good place to source boxes is the moving truck companies.  They will not only sell you boxes, but also help you to estimate how many you will need.

Purchasing boxes, means that they will be of uniform size, which makes loading a truck that much easier.  If you purchase good boxes, and you are careful with them, you can then resell them on Kijiji or a local paper to get some money back, and this way they will get used a second time. 

You can also check yourself locally on Kijiji or local paper to see if anyone has moving boxes for sale.  Moving Day SuppliesCredit:

Make sure to use smaller and stronger boxes designed for books and the bigger ones for other lighter weight things.  Unless you want to give the moving guys or your friends a back problem, books are heavy and it is better to pack them in special sized book boxes, that can be moved easily and stack quite well in a truck.

Garage Sale or Dump - What is the point in packing junk?  Once you have sourced boxes, start with one room at a time and completely pack it except for the essentials you will need up until moving day and keep an empty box to stuff those last minute things in. 

If you start with one room at a time, you will get a feeling of completion, and you will not be running all over the house.  You could even make yourself a schedule on the calendar as to which rooms you will pack first.  The dining room is a good place to start if you have a buffet filled with grandma's china for example.  You will not need this up until moving day.  Then the bedrooms can be next.

Once you are done a room, do not add anymore things to that room.  Keep all shopping trips to a minimum before the move. Make Moving Day EasierCredit:

As you are packing each room, make a pile for anything you are not using and plan to get rid of.  Pack all the things you are keeping and tape the box shut and label it.  Get garbage bags for the other stuff and take it to the reuse center or the dump, or if you have the time you could organize a garage sale.  Then whatever doesn't sell can go directly to the dump or reuse center and not back in the house.  But this will only work if you have the time before moving day.

Label all the Boxes For The New Place - As you are packing your boxes up, take a marker (tape tends to come off) and mark on the box which room in the new place this box will go, not where it came from.  This way unpacking will be that much easier, and you will not have to go looking for everything.   Anyone helping you move or the movers, will then know which room is what.  You can even label the rooms at the new place with paper on the doors, so they know just where to put what boxes.

You can even give a hint of what is inside it, so you can find things faster that first day.

Take Out Meals and Essentials - Allow some cash in your budget for a couple of days of takeout or eating out.  It is too hard to deal with food, and you want that fridge emptied before you move out and you don't want to be having to do a big shop on moving day. 

So, you may need takeout while you are loading the truck, and then again at the new place.  Make sure and scope out where the takeouts are for your favourite foods ahead of time, and also pick up milk, bread, eggs and coffee to get you started at the new place, until you have had a good nights sleep.

Make moving day easier on yourself, and plan to be off work the next day if at all possible. You have just closed a chapter in your life and started a new one, so take it in and relax.

That first night, you do not want to be trying to shop for food, you will need to relax and then plan your new place.  Then when you feel like it, start unpacking one room at a time!  These top five tips will really help to keep moving day less stressful.