The world is full of people explaining that when they were moving house they didn’t want to take their broadband with them but were then charged exorbitant fees by their provider in order to leave the contract.  The fact is the majority of providers will make users see out their contract or pay termination fees in order to leave it.  It’s often easiest to take a broadband provider with you to a new home if you are moving homes, but it’s not always possible to get the level of service that you received at your old residence.

There are a number of steps you should go through in making the decision of what broadband to go for in your new home.  It’s important to communicate with your existing provider correct in order to ensure a seamless process.  This article will look at considerations in your move and then view some of the policies of the different companies in relation to moving home.

Assessing Broadband Providers in Your New Area

When it comes to choosing broadband for your new home, it’s well worth finding out what works best in the area.  There are a number of broadband services online that enable you to plug in your post code and see the upload and download speeds from different providers.  These speeds are drawn from individuals who have done speed tests in their locations and have shared their data anonymously.  By looking at the map of the area you’re moving into, you’ll quickly be able to assess which providers are able to hit the top levels of service.  Bear in mind that the speeds that you see may be wireless or wired, and may not be the highest that that provider can offer.  It’s also a good idea to find out what your new neighbours use whether it is Sky, Virgin, BT, or any other provider.  Getting testimonials from them maybe a good way to find out what will work out best for you.

Your Existing Provider

If your existing provider contract has not ended yet, then it may be a good idea to go through a move with them.  The bigger providers and those that offer bundle packages will have a home mover team that will guide you through the process.  They will take a few details, find out what’s available to you and then organize the engineers to come out and fix what they need to fix.  It may be the case that they just send you a broadband router if you just have broadband and no digital package is required.

The process normally is fairly smooth and if they can’t provide you the same level of service in terms of speed, then they may well reduce the cost of your package.

Testing Period

Once you move in to your new home there will be a testing period on the line which may last up to two weeks.  During this time you shouldn’t turn your broadband router off, as the line will be continually tested for stability and the speed adjusted based on the performance.  There may be inconsistency in the line as speeds are ramped up and the line is stressed to see what it can handle and then a comfortable medium is found at which the speed is stable and as fast as possible.

Don’t Just look at Speed

If you’re looking to switch broadband providers, then don’t just consider the download speeds.  There are other considerations to take in to account.  Look for value for money when choosing products and understand the amount of data that you can consume, and asses the fair usage policies of the different providers.

Some providers offer unlimited broadband that are in fact rather limited.  For example, TalkTalk have an “unlimited” plan with a limit of 50GB of data per month.  One hour of gaming on open live at 5MBps cab take up to 2.25GB per hour.  This will mean using up the connection in under 20 hours for the month.

In addition to looking at the fair usage policy and data limits, it’s important to consider traffic management.  Some companies will limit your speeds at certain times of the day if you are a heavy user and most will do so if you are using peer-to-peer file sharing.

If you are a gamer or VoIP is important to you, then you should look at latency speeds and not just upload and download speeds.  On top of all these, it’s important to consider customer service and the cost of technical calls for when things go wrong.  Having an excellent customer service and free technical calls can be worth an extra few Pounds a month.

Policies When Moving House

Different providers will have different policies when it comes to moving house.  Some will renew your contract from the new residence and others will carry over the contract.

BE broadband will start a new 12-month contract if you add a BE broadband land line installation in your new address.  A new contract will also be started if you’re moving broadband and landline.  You’ll be charged termination fees on your account if you switch provider or cannot proceed with BE broadband at your new address.  If you are out of contract then you only have to give one month’s notice and you will be able to move without charges.


Normally, there will be no renewal of contract when you move home with BT.  It will simply continue to roll from where it was. If you need a new phone line, you will likely be charged a fee of £130.  You’ll also be charged if you want to upgrade to BT Infinity or want to cancel your broadband and are still in the minimum contract period.  Termination fees will likely be related to the length of the contract that is left.


Sky will start a new contract if you have upgraded your service with them on moving house.  Moving to a new address will not attract any fees but they advise that those who do not use Sky landline rental to check with their landline provider to ensure that they won’t be charged additional fees.


TalkTalk moves customers into a new 12-month contract when moving address.  There are no costs for moving the broadband though.

Virgin Media

When you move house with Virgin Media, your old contract will be cancelled and your new one will be started.  If you choose to leave your contract when leaving your old address, a termination fee will be chargeable.  If you don’t return your Virgin Media super hub router, you will also be charged for it.

Decide Early

Whether you decide to stay with your existing provider or change provider, make sure you enter dialogue with your existing provider early.  It may be that you have to give a one month notice period when ending a contract and it may also be that you can negotiate a better deal if you give them plenty of notice.  Whatever else you decide never just leave your property and cancel your direct debit as you may end up with a county court judgement on your credit file.

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