Keeping Children Safe and Happy when Relocating.

Moving house with children in tow is not for the faint hearted. There are many issues to consider; emotional upheaval, lack of focused time to prepare, child-proofing considerations, your sanity. 

The more advance notice you have the better. Young children do not always embrace change with the same excitement as adults and can get upset if they think their small comfortable world is going to change in any way. Bring up the topic of a house move to your children as soon as it becomes a possibility and begin to talk to them about how they feel. Try to focus on the benefits that your child will appreciate most. Perhaps mention they will get a larger room or a room to themselves or that they will live close to an enticing attraction

 Take your children with you when you are looking at potential locations for your move and show them all the area has to offer. Take them to a park or ice-cream parlor in their new neighborhood. If it is an option, take them to the area frequently so they get used to it and their enthusiasm for the move increases.

Ask your children to draw a design for their new bedroom and to talk you through it. Make plans to have your children’s friends come over to see their new room soon after you move in.

When you first view properties try to go without your children if possible. This will avoid them falling in love with something you don’t like, it will allow you to focus fully on viewing the house and talking to the realtor or landlord and if you do like the property you will not have to worry about your children making a good impression before the application process has begun. Once you are certain the property is yours, it is a great idea to take the children to see it so that they know where they are moving.

Once you have started packing be aware of dangerous equipment that has been moved and is now within your children’s reach. Be sure to warn them against climbing on the boxes, which could topple and hurt them. When you arrive at the new house remember that it is not yet child-proof. Child-proofing must be your first priority when you arrive. Your child may find the danger before you do, whilst you are busy moving in they are busy investigating every inch of their new home.

Come up with some simple ways to amuse the kids once you arrive at your new home so that you will have time to unpack.

Enjoy settling in to your new home with your family.