So, you are excited, because soon, you will be moving to a new place. You look around your cramped apartment and the excitement wears off quickly as you look at all your stuff. You don't have much money so you are going to need cheap moving supplies. Lots of moving and packing supplies, and hopefully some helpful friends!.

You have already arranged for the moving van, but now you have to pack it all up. You just took a look at the office supply store, but they seemed expensive, and you are going to need a lot of boxes. You don't want to be loading up your credit card with hundreds of 5 dollar boxes.

One of the first things you need to do is not only source out cheap boxes, you need to really get ruthless with your stuff. Do you really need to move everything? If you have the time, such as a few weeks, then you can do this if you work at it in stages. Write down the steps, so that you don't get distracted, and you will be left with only the things that are important to you, and then you can source out cheap moving supplies.

Before you start trying to find moving and packing supplies, pick a room and allow a couple of hours, and start with your closet, and make a pile for donations, and throw out and keep. Give it the 5 second rule. If you didn't wear it all last year, then why spend the money packing it?

After you have created your 3 piles, purchase some garbage bags, and put the things in the bags. Label them and then put them in you car and if there is already a lot packed from your closet, then take them now to the reuse center or donation center or dump! Just get them out of the place, so you can see what you are dealing with. Now come right back and start this process again in another room.

Spend a couple of hours in each room if you can. Try not to do much more than that, or you will tire and give up.

Now try and source cheap moving supplies. Your stuff should be a lot less than it was, so you are now looking for cheap boxes for what you really needs to move. This will save you the packing time and now you won't need as many cheap moving supplies.

Cheap Moving and Packing Supplies - Start with the local paper. Many times people have paid the money for moving packing supplies and now that they are moved in, they want to sell them to someone else. This is one great way to get cheap moving supplies. They will be happy to get them out of their house.

Cheap Boxes at The Dollar Store - They are constantly unpacking products for the shelves, you can ask them if they will let you have any of the boxes they have used today. Sometimes it is good to try asking them towards the end of the day. They may have knocked down the boxes, but they are still usable. All you will need is a roll of tape and a tape gun.

Liquor Store for Cheap Boxes - This is good for delicates. But personally I find these boxes way to small. If you can get the ones with the dividers in them, then they could be used for a lot of your kitchen glasses, cups etc.

Cheap Moving Packing Supplies - Car Parts Stores - This is where I really lucked out. Many people would think that these boxes would be dirty, but they are not. Plus they are built quite strong to hold heavy car parts. When I went to find out, they had a back room filled with them, and then they had staff knock them down at the end of the day, so we said we would do it. We had to knock them down to put in the car, but they go back together quite well.

So, look for a car parts store in your area, and ask them. This is a great source of cheap moving supplies. Many of these boxes still had bubble wrap in them that came in handy too.moving packing supplies

Amazon For Cheap Moving Supplies - You can get moving packing supplies online. If you have the time to source some out. Amazon is a great place to check out. They also have moving aids and more. It is good to compare prices online, to get cheap boxes and cheap moving supplies. Fellowes Small SmoothMove Moving Box, 10 Pack, 12 x 12 x 16 Inches(pictured)

Once you have sourced your cheap boxes, and moving packing supplies, then you can start with one room at a time. If it is getting close to moving day, then basically pack up as much of the room as you can. This way you can see if you allowed enough boxes for your move.

The last thing you need, is to start packing the night before, and then realize you are short on cheap boxes. You don't want to be that person running to the local office supply store looking for 10 boxes, because they won't be cheap!

So, if at all possible plan as much of your packing as you can. This is your chance to have a quick clean out, don't take all your junk with you, you will just have to unpack it at the other end.

Moving Packing Supplies - The only thing you will need to buy is the clear packing tape on that roll gun, so that you can seal the boxes shut on the bottom and the top. Don't forget that when a box has been used a couple of time, the bottoms may not be as strong. So, tape them shut before you start filling them.

When you get moved in, and are starting to unpack, be careful how you open them. Slice through the tape with a sharp knife. This way you can advertise cheap moving supplies in your local paper, and get some money for them, and get them out of the house.

This is a great way to move and recycle cheap moving supplies. So, try and downsize as much of your stuff as you can, then you won't need to source too many cheap boxes, and cheap moving supplies.

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