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Moving out can be an incredibly stressful event if one does not prepare well.  Whether one is moving out for the first time from the home he or she grew up in or moving in with a new partner or moving to smaller quarters after the family has grown and moved on to their own homes, there are some great tips that can be very helpful. One can choose to hire a removal company to do the heavy lifting or take a do-it-yourself approach and rent a moving van and get friends or family to help move the big items on moving day.  Either way, here are five great tips to help make the move go a bit more smoothly:

Moving Out of an Old Place and Into a New OneCredit:

1.  Remember that moving out requires a great deal of planning to go smoothly.  Arrange for a van rental or a removal service well in advance of the move date.  Notify utility companies, call friends or family and arrange for the necessary help on moving out day well in advance as well.  Remember to call friends you have helped move out in the past, these are the ones most likely to do so in the future.  Should another friend need moving help in the meantime, offer to do so in exchange for help with your move as well. Waiting until the last minute for any of these things may mean that a move cannot be made on the date scheduled leaving both the mover and his or her belongings in limbo.

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2.  Pack early.  Begin by packing things that are out of season or that are used so rarely they will not be missed in the interim and work from there.  As the big day gets closer one should have most of his or her belongings packed and ready to go so that attention can be turned to other details of the move.

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3. As you pack for moving out look for items that are no longer wanted or needed there is no point in carrying these items from place to place.  Items that are no longer usable at all should be discarded while those that can be used by others should be given away or donated.

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4. Remember to file a change of address with the postal service ahead of the date of moving out letting them know the exact date mail is to be stopped and forwarded to the new address.  If this done ahead of time, one will not miss any important pieces of mail due to the move.

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5. Remember that the refrigerator and other appliances will need to be emptied and cleaned pout before the move.  Plan on using up foods in the week or so prior to the move so that they do not need to be packed on ice or thrown away.  Remember to plan meals that will not need appliances that have already been packed as the day of the move out draws near.

Moving out is never fun, but careful planning and following these and other great tips can make the experience far less stressful and much easier to cope with for everyone involved.