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London has always been one of the most fascinating cities of the world with both historical value as well as contemporary charm. Presently, there are a number of people looking to move to the age old city, especially since the job market fares much better compared to a number of places around the globe. For those that are contemplating a move, there are a few things he or she may want to know before packing up. People from overseas may need to know the differences in this UK city as opposed to other cities and countries such as the currency transfer rate, utility costs, what areas there are to reside, an overview of the current job market, and things to do.

Currency Transfer and Cost of Living
The UK has always been noted for having a very strong currency. Their monetary system revolves around the English Pound, which is similar to US, Australian, and Canadian dollars. Traditionally and presently, the English Pound has a very strong retention of value, and at times one English Pound can be worth almost twice that of the USD. For those moving from Canada, the United States, and other countries that have a poor exchange rate versus the English Pound, he or she may need to carefully calculate living expenses when preparing for the move.

Cost of Living
Like many other places in the world, the UK has quite a high standard of living, which means either a large amount of money or above average employment will be needed for comfortable living. Simple commodities such as gas, food, and real estate are slightly higher than those prices in similar countries, which, again, is why careful calculation is needed when concerned with personal finances. Luckily, one will learn that most jobs in the city pay very competitive wages, which makes the costs associated with general living expenses not as bad. Those with professional careers should have no problems as to living very similar style lives in the UK as he or she enjoys in their present country.

Real Estate
The city is very large and has many places for one to choose when he or she is looking to buy or rent real estate. One of the most popular forms of housing are condominiums. Instead of being built up like many US cities, this city is built out, which makes for tight living quarters in many areas. For this reason, there are a number of condominiums for people to rent or purchase. A very popular and reasonable priced area is Putney. Putney holds a large amount of condominiums, apartments, and even houses available for rent, lease, and purchase. Areas similar to Putney are very common throughout the city. These different areas are essentially smaller suburbs of the inner city and often have their own shopping districts, night life, and other civil services.

A large reason many people are moving from their present location is the loss of employment. However, London has been able to avoid many of the pitfalls of a failing global economy. There are a number of jobs in London available for both working class and business class professionals. Many London jobs are available in the banking industries, retail, financial disciplines, and even construction fields. The average laborer for a construction job is approximately 10 Pounds per hour, which is comparable to many other countries. Banking and financial disciplines hold many of the higher paying London jobs with salaries well up into six figures for executive positions. Jobs in London such as food servers, bar tenders, and the service industry are very available, which is good for certain people that have little experience in other fields.

Night Life

Like many other cities throughout the world, it is no different in the UK. The city has many options for both young and old such as theater, jazz clubs, dance clubs, and almost every other form of entertainment. There are plenty of options for everyone in this growing city of the UK.