10 Steps to a happy new home

It's the big day! Leaving the city and all it's comforts for the slow paced casual rural life in the country, now what?

Country LifeCredit: Le Gratitude

The key things to ensure a happy transition from city life to country life is getting to know your new community and becoming a part of that community. It's a big adjustment moving from the bright lights of the city to the country, less convenience, more travelling and often a greater distance from friends and family. For this reason its important to settle in and get to know your new community, make new friends and create a new support structure. Here are the steps I recommend to help you achieve just that, and by so doing help you to settle in and create a beautiful peaceful and happy new life for yourself and your family.

I moved to the country 4 years ago and can truly say it has been the best decision in my life, not only for me but also for my children who love the outdoor country life, free to play like children should.

Here are 10 great steps you can take to get to know your new community, your surroundings and make new friends.

1. Introduce yourself to your neighbours. Invite them around for coffee or a meal, either individually or as a group.

2. Introduce yourself to the local Police Chief/Captain. They are always a great source of local information and generally highly committed to the safety and well being of their community. Perhaps take along some freshly baked cookies! Add their numbers to your phonebook.

3. Introduce yourself to the local Fire Chief. Add this number to your phonebook. Cookies also a good idea here! 

4. Join the local Sports Club or Country Club. They always have social events and it is a great place to meet like minded people, many of whom you'll find moved to the country for similar reasons to yourself.

5. If you are religious or spiritual, join a church, prayer group, spiritual group.

6. If you have children at school, volunteer to help with Fund-Raising events and school sporting or cultural events or join one of the school committees.

7. Join one of the various community committees or associations. These may vary from "Land Owners Associations" to town "Festival Committee" 

8. Introduce yourself to people as you go through your daily routine and invite people for coffee or a meal, in small communities you need to make the initial gesture of friendship often, so do it.

9. Ask people for help. It is our nature as human beings, we all like to be kind and helpful and in small communities this is most certainly true, and gives your new friends a chance to get to know you. You can also offer your help in return.

"You've got to ask! Asking is, in my opinion, the world's most powerful - and neglected - secret to success and happiness" - Percy Ross

10. Get involved! Be seen, be friendly and be patient. Things happen at a different pace in the country, you'll get used to it. 

It's a big move out of your comfort zone but you'll soon settle into your new way of life and I am confident you'll look back in years to come and salute the decision.

"Winners are those people who make a habit of doing the things losers are uncomfortable doing"  - Ed Foreman

Good Luck!