Mowing the lawn is not what many people enjoy doing. If you can close your eyes and open them to see a clean immaculate lawn wouldn't you accept? There is nothing wrong with dreaming. Someone actually dreamt of waking up to a clean lawn. Have you heard about the Robomow? Does it sound familiar? It does sound like the movie Robocop. This time around, the Robomow is like a dream come true. Is it really, is the Robomow really the answer we have all been waiting for. Well, mowing a lawn is a big deal if you have acres of lawn to mow. If you have such a huge property, you probably have enough money to pay someone to do the job. Robomow might not be for you. Not unless the person you pay to mow your lawn decides to buy a Robomow to do his job.

What is a Robomow?

A Robomow is a lawn mower that will cut the grass in your garden without you being present. You lay down a guide wire and the Robomow will just do the job. It doesn't come cheap. It will knock $1200 off your bank balance. For those who are into gadgets, you might think that the Robomow is a toy. If you have that much money to spend, why not give the Robomow a try.

Is the Robomow worth it?

That is debatable because a machine cannot really replace a human. What if the Robomow decides to go for a walk whilst you are away and refuses to do the job? You know what they say about workers. When the boss is away, they stop working. If you have that much money to spend, you can give it a try. On the other hand, you might want to keep your money and buy a little tractor to mow your lawn. That is much more fun and you can get a little tractor to mow your lawn for a reasonable price as well. It will be like going for a ride but at the same time mowing your lawn.

The idea behind the Robomow is interesting but it is just not convincing enough. If you have a grandmother that wants you to come and mow her lawn, you might buy a Robomow for her. She doesn't have to do that much. The most of the cutting will be done by the Robomow. If you want your grandmother to keep fit, you can buy the regular lawn mower for her. That should keep her busy for the rest of the day.