A Tasty Christmas Treat!

One of my families favorite Christmas Eve traditions involves an unusual and delicious candy, the Motzartkugel. Stockings always brought fun and delicious surprises, but my favorite one always came in a little foil wrapped ball filled with unusual and exciting flavors. Also known as Mozartkugln, the Mozartkugel is named after the classical music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and is composed of a round chunk of marzipan that is dipped in nougat and then in chocolate. The result is a delicious holiday treat that comes wrapped in a little ball of foil emblazoned with a portrait of W.A. Mozart. If you like his music, you are sure to be impressed and delighted by his chocolate!

MozartkugelCredit: Yike G.Credit: Yike G.

As it turns out, the Mozartkugel dates back over one hundred and twenty years to 1890 when it was invented by Paul Furst in Austria (though not by Mozart himself, a citizen hailing from the same country). While his company still sells this delicious chocolate in his store and over his website, the version that appears in my christmas stocking every year is a the Mirabell Mozartkugel made much later (but so, so tasty!) 
The original version apparently doesn't have rights to the name and so there are many such versions. Upon finding this out, I of course had to go back and do a taste test, and as much as I enjoy the Mirabell Mozartkugel of my childhood Christmas memories, I will admit that the original (which did get the rights to call itself "Original Saltzburg Mozartkugeln") is very good. The original is wrapped in blue and silver foil instead of the gold and red that surrounds the Mirabell Mozartkugel. It has a distinctive marzipan made from pistachio and has the taste and texture of being truly handmade. Delicious! I was to find out that the Mirabell chocolates, my beloved stocking stuffers, are not the original. However, since they are easier to find and quite delicious, they are still worth a taste. 
Most of the Mozartkugel is still produced in Austria, although there are several companies now producing it in Germany. There are scattered other producers, but this delicious chocolate remains true to its roots. The original Mozartkugel is not carried by any store except the original shop in Salzburg, Austria. However, if a trip to Europe isn't in your plans in the near future it has recently become available though the internet on the Mozartkugel website. Alternatively, you could try the Mirabell version. Better yet, maybe it's time for a taste test of your own!

Original Mozartkugel(72921)Credit: Clemens PFEIFFER, A-1190 Wien, AUSTRIACredit: Clemens PFEIFFER, A-1190 Wien, AUSTRIA

This Christmas Eve, see if you can ask Santa for something new in your stocking. Whether you get the originals or try some of Mirabell chocolates, Mozartkugel will delight both children and adults with its delicious combination of rich flavors. The festive foil of both the original and the newer versions could almost be little Christmas tree ornaments, for all its glittering!. Serve them at your holiday party, stash them for your sweet tooth stash, and most of all stick them in your stocking! If you consider yourself a lover of sophisticated sweets, you can't overlook Mozartkugel! I'll be traveling this Christmas, but I've already made sure that I will be snacking my favorite Christmas chocolate treat. If you haven't had one yet, it's probably time to try some, you'll be hooked!!