I was an early adopter of satellite radio. When I first heard about XM Satellite Radio, ISatellite Radio knew this was something that I wanted. I had a new vehicle and it needed an updated stereo so I went to the Audio store to purchase XM.

Apparently Sirius was having some type of promotion and they talked me into purchasing it instead. Well things have come along way since then, and XM and Sirius have merged into one giant satellite radio company. I have been with them all the way and I know a little bit about the pros and cons of having this service.

Having Satellite Radio can be great because you get over a hundred channels of commercial free music. You also get a wide range of talk shows, news programs, and entertainment. There are classical radio shows, an Oprah channel, a Martha Stewart channel and everything in between, from Howard Stern to Disney.

Another great thing about Satellite radio is that you don't lose your signal. You can drive across country and continue listening to the same station without having to adjust the tuner or find a different channel. These are really the advantages that Satellite has over conventional radio.

If you plug your mp3 player into your car stereo you will get the same great sound that you get with the satellite service. If you use an FM tuner to play your mp3 recordings through your car audio system, then you are limited by the confines of FM reception. Meaning that if you drive across country you will have to continually adjust your FM station to continue getting reception through your receiver.

With an mp3 player in your vehicle you will have commercial free music and you get to choose the exact songs and genres you like. There are also unlimited listening choices. You can download free podcasts, that range from everything to the latest news updates to your favorite TV show.

You can even learn a foreign language, or listen to some hilarious and informative shows created, specifically for podcasts. You can also listen to audio books. A good audio book can make an all day drive seem like an interesting adventure.

The main advantage satellite has over creating your own customized mp3 list is convenience. With satellite you don't have to download anything or plan anything at all. You just get in your car and drive. If you are in the mood for music no problem, if you are in the mood for talk, no problem.

Even if you don't know what you are in the mood for that is OK too. Because you have hundreds of choices at the touch of a button. You can keep switching channels until you discover what it is you want to listen to. No planning or effort involved.

So that leaves us with the question of which is better? That would depend. Satellite is convenient but, it also has a monthly fee. Mp3s are easier to customize but they require advance planning so that you will have your music and shows downloaded to your computer and then uploaded to your mp3 player.

But, for the most part using your mp3 player is free, once you have paid for the initial cost of the unit and any music you may buy. When choosing an mp3 player look for the top 10 mp3 players.

Both solutions make a long trip or sitting in a traffic jam, much more enjoyable. I think the best option depends on personal preference. As for me I use both. Sometimes I want my customized playlist and other times I just want convenience.