If you are a fan of the show, then this Mr Bean action figure is something you should look out for. It was recently made for the cartoon show so people who haven't watched the cartoon and only know the original or the movie will not know this toy exist unless they specifically search for toys of this show.

Mr Bean Action Figure

Mr Bean was a popular show back in the mid 1990's because of how unique and charming Rowan Atkinson was when portraying Mr Bean. As you may have already know, Mr Bean the character is a middle-aged man who acts in a childish kind of way and expresses himself only with body gestures, grunting and whistling. He rarely speaks. Don't also forget his teddy bear that shares his adventures and sometimes the center of his foolishness especially on that episode were teddy was used as a paintbrush. It is also the same episode were he used fireworks  placed inside a can of paint to paint his living room. That scene is so famous around the world that it was even featured as a myth in one episode of the Mythbusters.

The latest reiteration is a cartoon show that somehow expanded his back story, where he came from as well as added new characters to this fictional universe. It is also the show that inspired this toy.

That Famous Painting Video By Mr Bean


It is actually not a "real action figure", but a bendable figure toy. This means you can move his arms, legs and body by literally bending it and not with joints like real action figures. You can still pose your Mr Bean action figure in whatever way you want. Just make sure to straighten him out first or he will look a bit "bumpy" especially on his arms and legs. That bumpiness is actually one of the problems associated with this kind of figure toys which is why I usually don't recommend bendable toys unless there is no alternative.

It is more or less 6 inches tall and was made for the cartoon show so don't expect it to look like Rowan Atkinson because they slightly changed his clothing and slightly animated his face. His dark red tie was changed to bright red, his dark brown pants to black, but his suit which is light gray stayed the same. There is even a small teddy bear drawn on his right suit pocket.

It is actually not a great toy, but its price and appeal is the reason I still recommend this toy. It is still Mr Bean right and there are no alternatives around. I just hope some toy company will create a real action figure instead of the countless Teddy toys that currently exist. Will Kaiyodo/Revoltech answer my calls? I hope so. This toy was made by NJ Croce which is a company known for making bendable toys of popular western cartoon shows as well as comic and movie superheroes.

This Mr Bean Figure is available in Amazon as well as other toy shops.