Mr Squiggles may look like a furry brown hamster. He may squeak and run around his Zhu Zhu Hamster Fun House. He may have equally adorable furry friends. But, be warned, Mr Squiggles may just be plotting to take over the hearts and minds of ordinary adults. Adults, previously immune to the charms of cuddly toys in fact. Zhu Zhu Pets may be fun, cute and terribly popular but I feel I may soon become a Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster widow!

I haven't ordinarily got anything against kids toys, or indeed hamsters, but Mr Squiggles and his hamster team appear to be taking over the life and brain of my favorite bloke.

Ordinarily he is the kind of man that refuses to entertain the idea of fluffy toys in the home (no kids here to cover for us). In fact, if anything, he sees my stash of childhood plush favorites as a tad spooky. I have indeed be rationed to only one allowed out of the box, and that is only as I've had 'Mickey' since my first birthday.

Suddenly now though, Zhu Zhu Pets are all he seems to think about. Personally I don't really get what all the fuss is about. They are cute, and they squeak, but there are lots of other cute squeaky toys that are equally adorable. I believe Mr Squiggles may actually be penetrating the hearts and minds of anyone who sees him. How else has he made such a successful bid for world domination? In a month he is #1 on just about every toy store best sellers list, and also #1 on every Christmas Wish List.

Of course, I blame this old internet. Why Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters are cropping up everywhere. Sites ordinarily devoted to sensible or imaginative things are now Zhu Zhued up, or indeed Go Go Hamstered up. Which leads me onto another point, why to manufacturers insist on changing names for things. So now the internet is full of double the same identical content, one for those who want a Zhu Zhu Pet and one for those who need a Go Go Pet instead!

Mr Squiggles is surely damaging my blokes brain. The other day he told me how sweet they are as they make different cute little noises depending on which room of the house they are in! Maybe they are, in fact I am pretty sure if I heard this sentence coming from the mouth of an eight year old I would indeed agree this is one sweet hamster pet. But from a thirty something red hot blooded male. If anything it is a little spooky!