Shortbread lovers out there

Mrs Conlin is a lovely English lady who kindly shared this recipe with me.  As a long time fan of Walkers Scottish Shortbread, trying these at Christmas about 12 years ago, I LOVED these. They are so simple with 3 inexpensive readily available ingredients and so tasty and addictive!

Mrs Conlin's Shortbread Ingredients

Just Flour, Butter, Sugar

  • 3 oz Sugar (1/2 cup)

  • 6 oz Salted Butter (6/16th of block butter) I usually use room temp

  • 9 oz Flour (1-5/8 cups)


The closest conversion for English weight measurements, to convert to cups for the flour.  Use 1/2 a cup of flour plus another smaller lot of a half full 1/4 cup measure that gives 9 ounces in weight. The butter, take the block and score it roughly into half, quarters then eighths.  It's three of those 8 chunks.

If you double the recipe, it's 3/4 of a block of butter, and 3 1/4 cups of flour to 1 cup sugar. 

Use kitchen scales if you have them for weights and measures!  It's easy to remember 3-6-9oz for this recipe!

Instructions for the Shortbread Recipe

  1. Rub ingredients together until crumb consistency, use pastry cutter if preferred for cutting the butter 
  2. Place in decorative stone shortbread mold or thick baking tray and gently press with bottom of glass tumbler so it's lightly packed about 1.5cm deep
  3. Cook at 300 F until light brown, roughly 40 min. Watch bottom doesn't cook too fast with stone pans
  4. Cut with sharp knife into slices, sprinkle granulated sugar on the top, let cool 15 min or so then remove from pan

Techniques for this Delicious Shortbread Recipe

Using a Stone Thistle Shortbread Mold gives a beautiful decorative short-bread for afternoon tea. These are the best though there are so many lovely designs, some for square shortbread.

Rubbing the ingredients together is easy. When you tip the crumbs in the shortbread pan, make sure there aren't clumps of solid butter on the top.  Shake the shortbread mold, back and forth.  The lumps come to the top and you can rub in a little flour.  Otherwise the butter will melt on cooking making a hole.  Dusting the top with fine granulated sugar after coming out of the oven will disguise any flaws.

It should look like a cross-section of Walkers shortbread, some air spaces. If it falls apart you could have pressed it down harder, if it is hard, you baked it too long or pressed it together too hard. Even when it's not perfect it tastes awesome.  If too crumbly, serve over fresh or cooked fruit for a wonderful crumble.

Good luck.  Post if you have any more questions or comments.  I'll do my best to answer them.