So what is going on late sunday nov 6th 2011? Well, after asking i've seen what is trending.  Miss World Pageant is the most popular topic of the night.  That's right despite all of the fighting women have done for equal right, and to not be treated like pieces of meat we still have pageants.  Grown adult women parade around in bathing suits and evening wear asserting that beauty, poise, and some obscure talents are worth measuring and celebrating.  Which, of course is almost the exact definition of exploiting women, and demeaning them to objects of mens desire as opposed to equal citizens. However, i'm sure they see it as a much more victimless crime, and still feel just as empowered as any full blown feminist.

All criticism aside the pageant is serious business for those lucky enough to compete in it.  It requires months of painstaking planning, preparation, and stressful times.  Many of these women have been competing in beauty pageants since before they knew what they where doing. Surely this is what all of the littler girls, or atleast the little girls mothers, on toddlers and tiaras aspire too. This particular pageant dates back to 1951. This current pageant was broadcasted to over 150 countries and watched by an estimated billion viewers.  

While the feminist did gather outside to protest the goings on inside. They feel it is demeaning and a huge step backward for everything women have worked for in previous decades. Trying to be taken seriously, and viewed as equals on the world stage. At least 25 percent of the women participating graduates, that's right these aren't your typical dumb bimbos. Not to mention more than half are trilingual speaking a native and two foreign tongues.

So who is the winner? None other than Miss Venezuela, Ivian Sarcos, crowned miss world 2011 in Earls Court in west london. Sarcos is one of 13 children, and her proudest moment was was when she did her communion. She is also among the graduates who competed this year with her degree in human resources.  With her strong spiritual background her aspiration is to work in a non-governmental organizations and children.  

mrs world