Fairtex is probably the best known brand in Muay Thai, mainly due to their sponsorship of some great fighters.  However in addition to clever sponsorship they also produce good solid products.  If you choose Fairtex gloves you will be getting a well made durable product from a reputable name.  Fairtex gloves are great for any range of fighter as they are solid enough to protect the hands/wrists of the newby but can also take the power produced by a seasoned striker.  In relation to the 12oz fairtex gloves I love their snug fit, once you have wraps on under these your hands feel nice an tight with no movement on connection.  The only draw back with Fairex gloves is that they tend not to come cheap,  your going to have to pay for solid durability, nevertheless I would say they are worth it.


Sandee is another well known name in the Muay Thai world, however not quite as well known as fairtex.  I wore a pair of Sandee 80z gloves in a fight and liked them so much I went out and bought a couple of pairs (8oz and 12oz).  I liked they way they felt lighter than they were and that there wasn't a whole lot of leather between my hand and my opponent.  Outside the ring I mainly use my 12oz Sandee gloves, these are nice gloves however not as solid as my Fairtex ones  Sandee 12 oz are better in a sparring situation as your have more feeling/awareness of your hands however when hitting pads and bags there is less wrist support and the thumb position can lead to clipping it from time to time.  Sandee are pretty cost effective and I would recommend them as a nice competing/sparring glove.

Top King

If I was to buy a new pair of gloves tomorrow I would buy a pair of Top Kings, why? Because they are cool, well that and a bunch of fighters I respect wear them.  Top King gloves manage to maintain their integrity of being a good Muay Thai glove whilst having a slick two tone design.  Top King is not a glove you often see in a Muay Thai ring - that tends to be the realm of Sandee and Twins - however this is probably more to do with sponsorship rather than the products ability to perform.  I would recommend Top King gloves for any one who wants a good looking product that will hold up.